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As you can imagine we have been flooded with emails and letters about the future of Brexit, the new Brexit Party, UKIP and the future of the Conservative Party.

After a period of total despair about the future of Brexit I feel more positive than at any point in the last 18 months.

After the referendum Nigel Farage told me to keep going with the campaign because the establishment may not accept the result and this war isn’t over – we may have to fight more battles ahead. As ever, Nigel was spot on.

That was back when Theresa May used to say “Brexit means Brexit”, “No Deal is better than a bad deal”, and that the Conservative Party would deliver Brexit. That is now a distant memory.

Nigel is a talented politician and his view that the Conservative Party would betray Brexit seemed hard to believe then.

But he was spot on about the Conservative Party and Theresa May. The current Withdrawal Agreement has been cobbled together by Remainers and simply doesn’t deliver for the pro-Brexit majority who voted for independence.

The recent launch of the Brexit Party was brilliantly timed and it went from zero to leading the polls for the European Elections in under a week.

In my many discussions with Nigel over the last three years (sadly, it’s nearly three years since the referendum!), we both agreed that the only thing that would keep the Conservative Party honest is electoral pressure.

It was electoral pressure from UKIP that originally forced the referendum, and it is electoral pressure from the Brexit Party that is now going to make the difference.

Leave.EU has endured massive media attacks over the last three years. The reason is very simple: the huge success of its social media campaign to deliver Brexit.

Over one million people follow us on social media and we get more engagement than any political party or individual – and that includes Nigel or Jeremy Corbyn.

We’ve used that huge following to encourage former Conservative & UKIP members to rejoin the Conservative Party and get involved in the upcoming leadership election to get a proper conservative in charge.

We know that over 30,000 of our supporters joined over the last 18 months swelling the party membership to 150,000 – or 20% of the Tories’ total membership.

That creates massive influence on the future of the Conservative Party.

We have been running a successful campaign to deselect hardline Remainer MPs that betrayed the Conservative election manifesto promises to leave the EU, Customs Union and Single Market.

This led to Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen & Sarah Wollaston – and later Nick Boles – jumping ship just as their local association were about to deselect them. They cited Leave.EU as one of the reasons they were leaving, with Wollaston complaining about “aggressive social media campaigns” and Anna Soubry referring to our hugely popular Facebook page – good!

We managed to help a Tory grassroots campaign to deselect Dominic Grieveand win the vote at the Beaconsfield AGM with a massive turnout of over 500 members. Grieve complained that “the local association has in the last twelve months attracted a large number of members who appear to have been encouraged to join by Banks.”

Up to 10 more associations have active deselection campaigns running, notably against Greg Clark, David Gauke, Phillip Lee, and Oliver Letwin,

If you are a member of the Conservative Party, have a Remainer Tory MP, and have not yet been in touch, please do get involved at this link.

While Leave.EU has been actively putting pressure on the Conservatives from the inside, the Brexit Party and Nigel are taking the battle to them head on.

We need a ‘total strike’ on voting Conservative until they have received the message that Theresa May must go and be replaced by a proper Brexiteer who actually wants to leave the EU. 

I love competition and I think it’s clear that the Brexit Party has the momentum at the moment. It can go on to win the European elections and who knows from there.

In terms of the local elections, voters should go on strike and refuse to vote Conservative.

The 2016 referendum was about the UK becoming an independent nation state, able to act in its own national self-interest.

Theresa May’s handling of Brexit reflects her desire to stay close to the EU indefinitely and the belief of the UK civil service that Brexit is a exercise in damage limitation rather than a fantastic opportunity.

The negotiations have left the UK on bended knee, humiliated and weakened as a nation.

This embarrassment, sadly, has been brought about by a Conservative government led by a weak Prime Minister who campaigned to Remain.

We will be supporting the Brexit Party who now have a unique opportunity to reshape the landscape, along with keeping the pressure up with other Brexiteer allies until we deliver the result that the people voted for.

Our supporters donated £500,000 last year in small amounts and we have put the money to work with the best social media team in politics, researchers and online advertising. The campaigns have been amazingly effective and I want to thank you for all the help. We couldn’t do it without you. 

I think the pressure from within and externally will mean the removal of Theresa May, especially now that 75% of the Conservative members back Brexit.

Meanwhile the Brexit Party could reach levels of support far beyond what UKIP ever managed to achieve.

They may or may not like it but with the Conservative membership overwhelmingly supporting Brexit, the huge numbers of party members we have recruited will be decisive.

The Brexiteer fightback is now well and truly underway.

Arron Banks
Leave.EU Chairman