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Friday 27 August 2021

Earlier this week, we discovered that known terror risks on Britain’s so-called ‘no fly’ list were attempting to exploit the situation in Afghanistan to get into Britain. These are individuals described by one government minister as “a direct threat to this country if they were able to come here.”

One man on that list did come here. He made it to Birmingham after being airlifted out of Kabul by our own government. When he arrived, he was released into our country by the authorities after they declared he was “not a person of interest”.

Of course, if the ‘no fly’ list does its job and prevents these people from travelling to Britain, they do have other options. They could go elsewhere in Europe and just hop on a dinghy in northern France – and for reasons that still have yet to be explained to the public, our own Border Force will ferry them into Dover and facilitate their illegal immigration.

Things have gotten so mad in the Channel that last weekend, lifeboats were urged to keep their distance from one vessel because they were suspected of smuggling deadly firearms into Britain.

The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. Terrorists in the Middle East are emboldened. We now have credible reports that illegal migrants, potentially from that region of the world, are bringing deadly weapons into Britain from across the Channel. And still our spineless politicians do nothing!

Yet somehow things are even worse in France. At least five known terror threats have been actively airlifted into Paris, where they were put under feeble surveillance orders. At least Britain actually did deny travel to most of those on the ‘no fly’ list…

One of those men has already been convicted for breaching the terms of that order, straying outside of his designated zone because – so he claimed – somebody had offered to buy him drugs to soothe a headache. Other testimony contradicted his claim, suggesting he had in fact tried to acquire a SIM card.

Nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen expressed the fury of all sensible people when she said, in a typically no-nonsense fashion: “The ‘duty’ of welcoming to France takes a back seat when the security of the French is threatened. This imperative makes sense to all except for… the Government!”

With things getting so out of hand in France, is it any wonder that even our old Brexit nemesis Michel Barnier is beginning to understand the extent of the madness? He’s now running for the presidency next year on an anti-immigration platform. He wants a complete ban on non-EU immigration for five years – and has even talked about renegotiating mad EU free movement rules with Brussels.

We’ll believe it when we see it, and suspect most patriotic French voters would still rather have Marine Le Pen running the show. But at least EU elites can no longer blindly pretend their sick system is working wonders…

And across the Atlantic, we have Slow Joe Biden – the mastermind behind this entire farce. Just days after smirking on camera while being questioned about westerners trapped in Taliban-run Afghanistan, terror struck.

Bombings and a gun battle outside Kabul Airport have claimed at least 90 victims, including 13 American servicemen – in an attack that former president Donald Trump has said “would not have happened” on his watch.

It’s hard to doubt him. Not a single American soldier had been killed by the Taliban during the end of the Trump administration, amid serious warnings that Trump would hunt down and kill Taliban leaders if harm came to American soldiers.

Now, just months after he left office, Joe Biden has surrendered territory and weapons to this Islamist force with one of the most badly botched troop withdrawals in living memory. They smell weakness, and their Islamic State allies felt emboldened to strike.

Who knows where they will strike next. With western governments throwing open the floodgates to so-called refugees in the region – including KNOWN terror threats with links to the Taliban – the likelihood of a terrorist attack has increased dramatically.

“We can only imagine how many thousands of terrorists have been airlifted out of Afghanistan and into neighborhoods around the world” warned Trump in a missive to his supporters. “What a terrible failure. NO VETTING. How many terrorists will Joe Biden bring to America? We don’t know!”

And, sadly, we may not know how any dangerous extremists have flooded into our countries under the cover of this crisis until it is too late.

While other media outlets agitate for open door asylum policies and attempt to prime the public with a steady stream of emotional blackmail, we will continue to fearlessly report the truth of what is going on.

The huge national security risks posed by the scale of migration we’re about to see cannot be understated. With a crisis already underway in the Channel, which our politicians refuse to get a grip on, the problem is only going to compound and deepen.

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