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Theresa May has capped off another week of sickening Westminster betrayal by sending a grovelling letter to the European Union this morning begging for yet another delay to Brexit.She promised over one hundred times that we would leave on March 29. It was then delayed to April 12, and now it will be delayed to June 30 – if not later, since Donald Tusk wants a delay until March 31 next year.But by kicking the can down the road yet again, she is paving the way for a set of European Parliament elections that will be absolutely brutal for our worthless, out of touch political class. Government preparations for the vote are already well underway.

In 2014 Nigel Farage rocked the establishment by leading UKIP to victory in the European Parliament elections. Today he confirmed that he’ll do the same on May 23 for the Brexit Party. Brexiteers need to be ready to send a big message to the Westminster elites in May and remind them that there are serious electoral consequences for subverting the will of the people.

The pace of betrayal is only quickening, with Theresa May handing control of Brexit over to Jeremy Corbyn this week.

Yes, that’s the same Jeremy Corbyn who wants Britain trapped in a customs union with the EU. And the same Jeremy Corbyn who Theresa May and her party have been exposing as a terrorist-sympathising threat to Britain for the last three years.

Theresa May often pretended to believe that no deal is better than a bad deal. But now she acts as though “a deal – cooked up with a Marxist who has never once in his political life, put British interests first – is better than no deal.” That’s what Tory MP Nigel Adams said on Wednesday, when he resigned from May’s government in disgust.

David Lidington and Keir Starmer – two hardened Eurofanatics – are now leading those cross-party talks, which look set to end with a customs union and a “confirmatory public vote” (ie a Losers’ Vote second referendum with no clean WTO Brexit option on the ballot). The stitch-up is well underway.

European elections on May 23 are more likely than ever. The Labour Party and the government appear to be plotting a second referendum. Brexiteers need to be ready to fight once again for national independence. Please consider supporting our work.

And while Number 10 was conspiring to forge a grand alliance with an anti-Brexit Labour Party, there was a rival conspiracy underway in Westminster. Speaker John Bercow allowed Oliver Letwin and Yvette Cooper to ram a bill (designed to outlaw a WTO Brexit) through multiple stages of parliamentary procedure in a single day.

It passed in the House of Commons by a single vote, cast by convicted criminal Fiona Onasanya – who walked through the division lobby wearing an electronic tag…

The shameless power grab is the latest attempt by Remoaner backbenchers in the lower chamber to steal control of the Brexit that 17.4 million people voted for, following the farcical failure of their Indicative Votes plan. The second round was held on Monday, and yet again they failed to agree on a sabotage plan. Thankfully they are as incompetent as they are anti-democratic.

The House of Commons was closed on Thursday afternoon because of a sewage leak in the chamber. How fitting…

We’re helping out with the clean-up work with our Conservative deselection campaign, aiming to drain the Westminster swamp and remove the worst Tory Remoaners. Last Friday our campaign saw Dominic Grieve, the Remoaner ringleader, voted down by his constituents in Beaconsfield. On Monday Nick Boles stropped out of the Conservative Party in the Commons, following our successful push to get him deselected in Grantham. And numbers are quickly piling up to initiate deselection against Philip Lee and Oliver Letwin.

If you haven’t been in touch yet, and you’re a Conservative Party member with a Remainer MP, do get in touch with us by following this link.