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Friday 21 May 2021

The Labour Party continues to embarrass itself a fortnight since their most recent electoral drubbing in key areas like Hartlepool, Tees Valley, and the West Midlands – more punishment a long time coming for their disgraceful attempts to overturn the 2016 referendum result.

With the all important Batley and Spen by-election just two months away, voters still can’t stand the left-wing party and their rancid radical activist base.

They’re even struggling to put together an act for the public. Keir Starmer, elected as a “moderate” alternative to Jeremy Corbyn, has in recent months been exposed as a man who once wanted to abolish the beloved British monarchy. So much for moderate.

Even with Prince Harry continuing to put his foot in his mouth and now upsetting a whole new country, you’d be hard pressed to find many Brits who want to see the end of the crown.

Asked on TV what the Labour Party stands for, Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth farcically claimed he couldn’t say because it was “confidential”. I think we all know what Labour stands for, but it’s not exactly something they’d want to say out loud to patriotic British voters…

And today they’re doubling down on their lame attacks against the government’s brilliant new voting integrity laws, which will bring an end to in-person voter impersonation as well as the corrupt practice of postal vote harvesting.

Their Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Cat Smith has claimed that the measures could cost £40m over ten years and would be a waste of money. Odd penny-pinching given that £40m represents just 0.003% of their 2019 spending plans…

But things get worse than their lax attitude on voter fraud. Just last night we saw yet more lawless anarchy in a major Labour-run city. Residents in the Mayhill area of Swansea were terrified by scenes of violent disorder on the streets as a gang of yobs torched a car, pushed another down a hill, smashed in windows, and attacked cops.

The scenes were reminiscent of those in Bristol back in March, when left-wing street activists busted in the windows of a local police station and set fire to a police van with cops still trapped inside. Is there anything more dangerous in this country than a Labour-run city?

And of course there were clashes in the capital last weekend too, as pro-Arab protesters backed by the radical left took on cops during events that the mainstream media would no doubt refer to as “peaceful protests”.

The ugly face of so-called Palestine “peace activists” was well and truly revealed this week in a number of sickening public rants. One bearded Muslim called for “Muslim armies” to carry out “jihad” and “remove the Zionists”.

Another said: “Personally I believe the only solution is jihad, and a call for jihad – an announcement for jihad by Muslim majority states that we have. Even surgical strikes or wallpaper strikes, the type that Saddam Hussein did in the early Nineties, I believe, 39 rockets he fired into Tel Aviv, and every Jew was running into his shelter. Those with a European passport would be running back to Europe.”

What is happening to this country when Muslims can openly call for jihad, feeling they can act with complete impunity?

And that’s not to mention the sickening pro-Palestine convoy that drove through the heart of Britain’s Jewish community at the weekend, with one thug in the cars shouting through a megaphone and calling for the rape of Jewish daughters.

Shockingly, the four men arrested and since bailed for that incident were arrested and released on bail in Manchester also, suspected of an attack on a Jewish man in a car in the early hours of the same morning.

The worst scum of society have clearly been emboldened by the lunatic rantings of Britain’s radical left, and these attacks on our Jewish compatriots are the result. It’s beyond sickening.

Those on the receiving end of this vile abuse should feel confident going to the police about it, but even that confidence has been shaken by the sight of a uniformed police officer in London hugging a pro-Palestine protester and chanting “free Palestine” while on duty.

Luckily a probe has been launched into her conduct and she was quickly condemned by Metropolitan Police Federation boss Ken Marsh. We hope to see swift and meaningful action as a result of the internal investigation…

​We’ll continue to highlight and fight back against this sickness gripping major cities like London, even if the left-wing media wants to turn a blind eye to it. We’ll continue taking the fight to the radical left through our massive social media platform and our news outlet The Foxhole.

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