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Friday 7 May 2021

The Silent Majority spoke once again yesterday and gave the loony left another major kicking.

For the first time since 1959, the Conservatives won the parliamentary seat of Hartlepool. It didn’t come as a surprise to us – the same patriotic, Brexit-backing forces who gave Boris a majority in 2019 came out and made their voices heard. Labour still is not listening to decent, hard working British voters and they’re paying the price at the ballot box.

They could pay the price again in Batley & Spen, where local MP Tracy Brabin could stand down if she wins the race to become West Yorkshire Mayor. Anti-EU forces won 51.4% of the vote there and, against the backdrop of local controversy over depictions of Muhammad at a local school, the Tories are poised to take yet another brick from the Red Wall.

Responding to the Hartlepool result, a source close to Starmer said that “Keir has said he will take responsibility for these results – and he will take responsibility for fixing it and changing the Labour Party for the better.” We’ll believe it when we see it…

​Labour strategists are living on a different planet if they think they can pull the wool over the eyes of working class voters by sending Keir Starmer up to Hartlepool to visit a few pubs.

British voters remember the last five years, when Starmer headed up Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policy and campaigned against a clean departure from the corrupt EU.

They can see Sadiq Khan in London too, establishing a warped and unaccountable “diversity commission” to sit in judgement over monuments to our proud history in our own capital, while “man of the people” Starmer kneels down to BLM.

Somehow Khan is set to win a second term as London Mayor despite a terrifying crime wave gripping ​the city​​, highlighting just how far London is drifting away from the rest of the United Kingdom.

Our new project, The Foxhole, has been documenting stories of truly chilling violence in the capital over the last ​few weeks – a twelve-man pack beat down an off-duty cop, a gang slaying on a London Tube train carried out with a so-called “Rambo knife”, a randomly chosen man stabbed to death in front of a six-year-old girl just because the gangsters were told to get “notches on your blade”, a devoted young father murdered at random before his killers went out clubbing, a Sudanese migrant rapist who brutally attacked five women in just eleven days.

The list goes on and on, and your heart breaks when you think about those impacted by the senseless violence. But for Labour activists in London, Sadiq Khan’s woke agenda is more important than getting a new Mayor with a serious plan to tackle lawlessness.

​But while the capital continues to spiral downwards under Khan, the rest of England is rising up with the Tories making huge gains outside of just Hartlepool. They’ve won control of councils in Dudley, Harlow, Northumberland, and Nuneaton, and look set to make even more gains as votes continue to be tabulated in the coming days.

The current Tory Party is far from perfect. We’ve spoken out about their failings in the English Channel and their shameful ​refusal to get a grip on legal loopholes preventing the deportation of dangerous foreign criminals. We’ve also highlighted their failures in Northern Ireland, where local businesses are suffering because the Tories refuse to suspend the hated Northern Ireland Protocol.

But, for the time being, they are the best vehicle for patriotic voters available. That’s why we want to keep fighting to get them on the straight and narrow, and why we want to keep holding them to account when they fail.

We’ve flexed our campaign’s muscle before when we helped cleanse the party of its anti-Brexit lunatic fringe back in 2019. We led a huge grassroots campaign to deselect wet Tory MPs who refused to accept the will of the people – and, as a consequence, we’re now out of the EU with a government committed to independence.

​Let’s keep pushing back against the radical left, and let’s keep up the pressure to make the Tories deliver on their promises.

To do that, we need to spread the message to more people and make them aware of what is going on in this country. That’s why we’ve continued our massive social media campaign in the five years since the successful 2016 referendum result. We’re still reaching millions of people on Facebook and Twitter, and we’re seeing great engagement from ordinary people of all backgrounds who are fed up with what is going on.

That’s also why we set up The Foxhole at the beginning of the year, a new outlet that brings to light the stories that the mainstream press would rather keep buried. We push back against fake left-wing narratives and keep our readers up to date on a whole range of issues – including the shocking number of illegal migrants crossing the Channel regularly, the obscene crime wave spilling out of our capital, and the disturbing attacks on traditional British schooling coming from the radical left.

If you think what we do is valuable, and you support our work, please consider contributing directly to keep us afloat. We’re a small team just looking to cover our costs, and everything you contribute is very much welcomed. You can donate to the campaign directly at leaveeuofficial.com/get-involved/ or for just £3 a month you can become a Foxhole member at foxhole.news/membership and enjoy our new site without ads.