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Friday 23 April 2021

Law and order seems to be high on the agenda this week, with transatlantic liberals taking aim at law enforcement in increasingly deranged ways.

The UK was obviously the site of recent disgraceful riots directed at the police, with louts in Bristol smashing in a police station and torching a police van in shameful scenes last month. Local authorities there have now confirmed that the police suffered 46 injuries​​ during the violence, as cops had paint sprayed in their eyes by left-wing criminals, who also subjected them to vicious pack beatdowns.

The hatred of those who keep us safe appears to be growing ever more intense in America too, with one of the country’s top basketball stars menacingly warning an Ohio cop that he is “next” following an incident which saw heroic local police save a black person’s life from a brutal street stabbing.

Another BLM backer tried to write off the seriousness of the underlying incident, suggesting that the culprit should not have been shot because “teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons.” Black Lives Matter except, apparently, when police step in to stop a black person getting stabbed to death. Go figure!

The explicit and open racism of BLM was on display for diners in New York, as they found themselves confronted by a left-wing horde chanting at white people and business owners: “Get the f**k out of New York! We don’t want you here!” A textbook lesson in how to win friends and influence people.

​If they keep up with their current antics, business owners may well flock out of the increasingly dangerous metropolitan areas. With rioting and looting in cities like Minneapolis and Portland over the last fortnight, who wants to put up with boarding up your windows and shutting down operations in anticipation of another violent left-wing outburst every other week?

And the madness has spread back to the UK too, although thankfully in lighter form. Nothing has been burned down or looted in the latest round of BLM madness – not yet at least – but a well-liked pub in Dorest was daubed in BLM-inspired graffiti by clueless thugs. To quote the manager, reflecting on the senseless incident: “It doesn’t really gain support for that movement, it has the opposite effect.”

Luckily there does seem to be some pushback in the UK at least. Pimlico Academy, which was recently at the centre of a storm about student protests against the flying of the Union flag, may yet expel the students who stirred up the walk-out, despite initially caving in to their warped demands. They say they are taking a “reconciliatory” approach, but disciplinary ​action ​remain​s​ very much on the table.

​W​hile things are marginally better in the UK than the US on this front, it is worth paying attention to. With left-wing MPs like Dawn Butler talking about “racial gatekeepers” in parliament as she attacked a brilliant report busting left-wing myths about British racism, it’s clear that our own lunatic left are all too happy to import US-style race politics and take their cues from America’s dangerous radical fringe.

Opposition to the out of touch British left goes beyond their ​unpalatable ​racial politics, though. It was wonderful to see Labour leader Keir Starmer come face to face with the public this week when he was tossed out of a pub in Bath by a fearless landlord. The mainstream media have tried to smear the guy after he showed up their golden boy Starmer, but ordinary Brits across the country were cheering him on.

With his poll ratings in the toilet, Starmer may want to stick with the friendly left-wing TV studios rather than risk an encounter with the uncensored British public.

​People across Europe appear to be waking up in fact, with French Eurosceptics this week launching a petition demanding a referendum on membership of the European Union. After 55% of French voters rejected the warped European constitution in 2005, politicians have been skittish to let the people there decide their own fate – it’s high time they were given a chance to have their say on the whole rotten institution!

Sadly​,​ not everybody in France is on board with sovereignty, with fishermen there having a tantrum over the fact that the UK shook off barmy EU fishing rules that saw us surrender one of our most prized natural assets. They have blockaded ports in northern France in protest over their lack of fishing rights in our waters, but the UK government doesn’t look likely to budge.

Unfortunately for the embittered EU fishermen, their own EU authorities ​ are U-turning, upgrading key UK waters to Class A and allowing the resumption of temporarily disrupted shellfish imports. British shellfish is of course some of the finest in the world, so we’re very happy that European consumers can once again buy British and enjoy it.

With even Jean-Claude Juncker now talking about Europe’s “eternal debt of gratitude” to Britain thanks to the heroism of our country during the Second World War, and talking openly about the failures of the EU’s vaccine roll-out, perhaps the wool is starting to fall from the eyes of even the EU’s maddest proponents…

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