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Friday 16 April 2021

While the nation this week mourned the loss of the Duke of Edinburgh, a devoted public servant who dedicated his life to Britain in war and in peace, the radical far left decided to make a spectacle of themselves as they so often do.

We saw this week some of the most truly bizarre rubbish coming out of the loony left yet. Politically correct scientists at SAGE, for example, suggested that the militant Black Lives Matter movement could have helped slow the spread of coronavirus. Do you recall seeing much social distancing while they were rioting and looting at the height of the pandemic last summer?

We also saw one left-wing nut suggest that serving dairy products in school was a form of racism “because 65 per cent of the world’s population are lactose intolerant, many from the BAME community.”

One form of dairy that definitely isn’t racist, however, is unbearably woke Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – who want the police defunded after a wanted criminal was accidentally shot in America having tried to escape arrest. Does anyone else remember the good old days when ice cream companies were primarily interested in selling people ice cream?

Unsurprisingly, they didn’t condemn the outrageous left-wing rioting that took over Minnesota in the wake of the shooting, with radicals seeing the commotion as a great opportunity to pillage local businesses and steal themselves some new trainers…

Or how about the barmy BBC diversity boss who appeared to suggest that the character Luther somehow isn’t black enough to be “authentic” because he “doesn’t eat any Caribbean food”. Of course, Luther is portrayed by Idris Elba – a black actor whose parents come from Africa, not the Caribbean – but these are minor details to the warped race-obsessed radical left.

But nothing, however, was more shocking this week than seeing how some on the far left reacted to the Duke’s passing itself.

While most Brits reflected on the incredible life of a devoted public servant and veteran of the Second World War, who had championed our country for decades, how exactly did the extreme left choose to respond?

Well, two of their number showed up outside Buckingham Palace carrying bottles of Prosecco, among a crowd of mourners, telling Brexiteer Tom Harwood that they were planning a “celebration of death”. They scurried away after being confronted.

On social media, some high profile leftists shared their psychotic views. One Canadian writer, who has been published by the Guardian, said that she was “saddened to hear” that the Duke passed away peacefully, saying he “deserved” a more painful death. How sick can you get?

Meanwhile, BBC favourite Ash Sarkar decided to compare the Duke with repeat American criminal and occasional crack addict DMX, whose work as a rapper she appears to be fond of.

And on television, host Jeremy Vine was blasted yesterday for turning the Duke’s funeral tomorrow “into a race issue” when he asked a guest if it was a “problem” that all thirty of the attendees at his funeral could be white.

Naturally, a Labour politician decided to get in on the act too, branding the devoted Duke a “fascist piece of inbred sh*t” in a deranged rant before issuing a grovelling apology. Is an apology really enough? She showed her true colours, and we hope voters will remember that the next time she comes around begging for their vote.

Is it any wonder then, despite Keir Starmer’s own sad attempts to rebrand himself as a patriot after spending the last half a decade trying to keep us chained to the EU, that Labour is struggling to gain support?

The Tories continue to enjoy a sizeable polling lead over Labour nationally, with Brits backing Boris over the successful vaccine roll-out that should see our country return to traditional British freedom for good.

Starmer himself is an incredible failure, finding himself with his worst ever approval ratings – so bad, in fact, that Labour’s own voters are now more likely to say he’s doing a bad job than a good job.

Things will go from bad to worse for him if he loses the iconic Red Wall seat of Hartlepool, which Labour just about clung on to at the last election as right-leaning voters split between the Tories and the Brexit Party – who scored a combined 55% of the vote compared to Labour’s mere 38%. Recent polling suggests the Tories will take it next month.

At the end of the day, most Brits are decent, respectful people. Members of the public may disagree with one another on tax policy or benefits spending, but the overwhelming majority are disgusted by the way the hard left in this country have behaved over the last year, becoming the repellant public face of Labour.

Tearing down statues, assaulting cops, gloating over the death of the Queen’s devoted husband. This dangerous force has become seriously unhinged – and they deserve every electoral thrashing they’re expected to take at the ballot box in the years to come. 

With shameless lefties gleefully spreading their bile across our society, it is more important than ever for decent Brits to have a voice.

After the historic 2016 referendum, we kept the campaign going because we knew the fight was far from over – and our decision proved to be right, as we stepped up to fight back against Theresa May’s planned sell-outs and deselect wet Tory MPs who were betraying the public.

We feel the same way about the 2019 general election. The public spoke loud and clear, but the out of touch woke elites continue to wage war against our society from their privileged positions in the media and the academy.

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