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Friday 14 May 2021

After last week’s thumping triumph in key elections, it looks like the Conservatives are ready to deliver for the people. Tuesday​’s Queen’s Speech ​set out a ​reassuring ​legislative agenda aimed​ ​at​ fixing​ our broken asylum system, protect​ing​ free speech from the woke warriors, and restoring​ security to our elections with a brilliant new voter ID law.

The voter ID law in particular will be welcomed by many who are concerned about our lax election rules, which make it easy for political activists to impersonate inactive voters at the polls if routine party canvassing reveals they are not going to vote. New measures will also combat left-wing postal vote harvesting schemes by limiting the number of postal ballots a single person can turn in.

The government will combat impersonation attempts by requiring photo ID to be presented at polling stations. The hard left opposes the measures because they will apparently disenfranchise people without a passport or driving licence – even though the plans include the option to easily get a valid photo ID from your local council. We wonder why they’re really scared about our elections becoming more secure…

The other big takeaway from the Queen’s Speech was a commitment to tough new immigration rules, including plans to exclude illegal migrants from our asylum system altogether if they have crossed through safe countries to reach the UK. At last!

If somebody is genuinely fleeing war and persecution, they should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach. Those who trek all the way across Europe to get to Britain are doing it for economic advantage and should be treated like illegal economic migrants. France might be on the verge of civil war according to yet another open letter by top ex-military personnel, but it isn’t yet a country you ought to be allowed to seek asylum from!

And promoting the agenda in the Commons, Boris was on top form – buoyed no doubt by last week’s big wins in places like Hartlepool, Tees Valley, and the West Midlands. Having fun at the expense of Keir Starmer and his deputy Angela Rayner, who was sacked​, ​reappointed and ​promoted to several new posts during a farcical spat last weekend, the PM compared the left-winger to a ravenous lioness and warned the Labour leader that “the more titles he feeds her, the hungrier, I fear, she is likely to become.”

But while the Tories vow to get a handle on the big issues concerning ordinary patriotic voters (we’ll be watching closely how far they actually deliver…) Labour continues to revel in warped pro-immigration identity politics.

Diane Abbott, always a voice of common sense, went so far as to call for Labour’s battered leader to openly support EU free movement rights​ fo​r​ Britain. That will go down well with Brexit-backing former Labour voters, Diane…

Just yesterday, left-wing activists in Glasgow once again revealed the ugly face of the loony left in Britain when they surrounded an Immigration ​Enforcement van to stop the removal of migrants​ who’d been cuffed​ during a raid.

And their objection to immigration enforcement action appears to be shared by many in Labour, with their Scottish leader Anas Sarwar saying he was “disgusted by the Home Office raids”, adding that it “is particularly unacceptable that this is happening during a pandemic, in an area that has a spike in cases and on the day of Eid.”

Sorry, but do our immigration laws now not apply during minority religious holidays? Maybe we’re not that far from such insane measures though, with a Muslim call to prayer being permitted through loudspeakers on Tower Bridge in our capital last Friday just weeks after a Christian minister in Uxbridge had been manhandled and cuffed by police for preaching the Bible in public!

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