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Friday 5 March 2021

The Duchess of Sussex might be the most famous alleged bully at present, but the EU is still the biggest, and as it grows more dysfunctional, it continues to become even more brutish.

Last week, Leave.EU joined the DUP’s call to scrap the heinous Northern Ireland Protocol which has split Britain’s dynamic internal market in two – thank you to all of you who responded with emails to your local MPs, the response was fantastic.

Eurocrats are raging over the British Government’s sensible decision to keep trade flowing by refusing to impose extra customs checks demanded by Brussels on goods transported across the Irish Sea. 

With supermarket shelves in Northern Ireland often empty the UK has been forced to act in not only blocking these checks, but also holding off yet more restrictions scheduled for the end of this month. The EU is engaging in irresponsible brinksmanship over a badly needed extension of the grace period currently in place. The UK government has wisely gone ahead with implementing it unilaterally. 

The bullies in Brussels claim the UK has broken international law and is threatening to sue.

Backing the EU to the hilt is the Republic of Ireland’s snivelling political establishment. The EU is “negotiating with a partner it simply can’t trust,” commented po-faced Irish foreign minister, Simon Coveney.

Coveney’s fellow EU-adoring chum, Leo Varadkar went one further. Britain is not behaving “the way a friend should behave,” said Varadkar, whose pro-EU peacocking did him no favours at last year’s general election when he was sunk by Sinn Fein. “Not the way a respectable, honourable country should behave,” he added.

If preserving trade makes Britain “dishonourable”, the EU must classify as a very nasty piece of work indeed for threatening to erupt tensions in Ireland in January by implementing a hard border for vaccine shipments at a moment’s notice.

And there’s plenty more evidence of that. Yesterday, the European Commission and Italy halted a 250,000 dose shipment of Covid vaccine to Australia by banning exports. France is poised to follow suit.

The Commission’s farcical procurement strategy means the bloc is 90 million doses short of what it had tried to source from pharma giant AstraZeneca. With its trade ban, the EU is scandalously pilfering orders destined for other nations to try and make up the deficit.

Big Pharma doesn’t usually rank very high in the popularity stakes, but the EU’s bullying treatment towards AstraZeneca, which is selling its Covid vaccine at cost – around £4 per dose – has flipped perceptions. AZ has an incredible 78% positive rating among the UK public. Compare that to the contempt the EU’s disastrous vaccine scheme is held in across the EU: 51% of Germans and 35% of French people say it’s bad.

“It is very much a reminder of the desperation that exists in other parts of the world, compared with the very good position we found ourselves in here in Australia,” responded Australia’s finance minister, Simon Birmingham to the EU’s shocking action. Well said sir.  

Italy’s newly minted prime minister is Mario Draghi, a former ECB chief and puppet of Berlin and Brussels. Draghi is being obedient, but Austria, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic are all scurrying away from the EU’s vaccine roll-out. Hungary has openly courted both Russia and China’s jabs, its leader, Viktor Orbán has even received the Chinese jab. Austria is in talks with Israel for vital supplies.

The European Medicines Agency “is too slow in approving vaccines and there are delivery bottlenecks from pharmaceutical companies,” said Austria’s leader Sebastian Kurz.

In many ways, the EU’s wicked behaviour is the order of the day among the liberal establishment. You’re certainly not a libtard unless you’re hellbent on offensively trashing national heritage.

This week saw another social media flair up over patriotic packaging after a self-proclaimed “Europhile hiking addict” got upset with the Union Jack featuring on a pack of Morrisons’ butter.

According to Tony Afanasiew, the national flag has no place in our fridges and presumably anywhere else because it’s been “besmirched with values I associate with UKIP and the National Front.”

Someone who’s proudly worn the flag is former elite British soldier Ant Middleton, who was fired from Channel 4’s hit survival show, SAS: Who Dares Wins for “inappropriate comments”.

“Over the years, the PC patrol have kicked in, the woke patrol have kicked in to the point where we can’t say anything, we can’t be ourselves,” said Middleton pointedly.

But in spite of the lefty loony dominance of our media, the EU’s ceaseless crusade against a reasonable Britain, and the pandemic, there are always positives, most of them coming from leaving the deeply troubled bloc.

This week, the United States said it was dropping punitive tariffs against British exports originally stemming from a trade battle with the EU. A 25% tariff on Scotch Whisky and many other high-value goods has been lifted after Brexit Britain made the smart decision of removing prohibitive tariffs on US imports inherited from the EU.  

“This breakthrough shows that we can do more under our values-driven approach to stand up for British industry than was possible as part of the EU,” said trade secretary, Liz Truss.

But in spite of the odd good news story such as this, we face an unrelenting bombardment from the liberal media, which seems intent on painting the EU’s dreadful behaviour as fully justified – laying the groundwork for an eventual mass re-join effort. That’s why we’ve stayed in the fight and look for your support to help us keep going. Every donation helps us spread the message further and wider. 

Thank you.