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Friday 17 September 2021

​Yet another group of left-wing loons decided to start disrupting the lives of ordinary Britons this week with Extinction Rebellion splinter group​,​ Insulate Britain taking it upon themselves to block traffic on the M25.

Hard-working Brits are becoming all too accustomed to the antics of imbeciles like this, who believe they are making some kind of bold political point by stopping people from getting to work.

But what we’re not so used to seeing is the complicity of the police, who are going out of their way to accommodate this kind of ridiculous protest.

Footage taken from one of the blockades showed a uniformed police officer actively facilitating the radical activists’ warped ritual, by controlling traffic so they could get into position on the tarmac.

The Metropolitan Police justified his actions by claiming that a “dynamic risk assessment” had been undertaken and that a decision had been made to enable their behaviour. They thought it was an operational priority to prevent the unwashed hippies from being injured, even while they needlessly and willingly exposed themselves to the dangers of motorway traffic…

Surrey Police were raked over the coals too for the very school-teacherly way in which one officer gave the disruptors a final warning before impending arrests. She told protesters: “if you need any assistance at all, let me know” and “if any of you are in any discomfort or need anything, just let me know and we’ll try to sort you out – in a nice way”.

​We prefer the approach suggested by former ​​Met DCI Mick Neville, who took aim at “Guardian-reading” police bosses who empathise too much with these loons.

“What you need is some ex-soldiers there grabbing hold of them… put them in the handcuffs and put them at the side of the road,” said Neville. “That’s what the public want to see. The police pander too much to these silly protests rather than the guys and girls who just want to get in their cars and go to work.”

In fact, that was reminiscent of the line taken by Met officers on the ground at the end of August, who swooped in to stop XR loons outside the Science Museum and just off London Bridge. Whoever was in charge of those operations clearly has more sense than your typical police boss…

We did finally see Surrey Police take tough action this morning though, when the group tried their third blockade this week. Police officers on the ground took action and dragged the activists away so traffic could flow. About time! Maybe if they had ​asserted themselves more swiftly, we wouldn’t have seen a second and attempted third choking of one of Britain’s most important motorways.

And a tougher line from the start wouldn’t have spurred members of the public to take matters into their own hands either. One no-nonsense motorist on Monday, for example, was so frustrated by police inaction that he got out of his car to shift a protester himself – only to be stopped by cops for trying to restore order. Complete madness!

​Britain’s motorways are clearly not the only place that we need to see firmer action from the authorities. Illegal immigration across the Channel continues, with no end in sight.

Farcically, on Monday, 163 more migrants in seven boats managed to reach our shores – while our so-called Border Force agents were practising how to turn boats around in the Channel. Maybe it’s time to stop practising and just start doing it…

Of course, the authorities will continue to insist they’re powerless to protect our borders from this irregular entry, because of the constraints of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act.

But isn’t that why the British people gave Boris Johnson and his Conservatives a whopping 80 seat majority in December 2019? He said he would get Brexit done – and Brexit is still a job half done if Britain does not have proper control over her borders.

We absolutely agree with Stoke-on-Trent North MP Jonathan Gullis, who stood in the House of Commons on Thursday and called on the government to repeal the warped human rights rules that prevent us from controlling who enters Britain and who we can kick out.

“Let’s scrap the Human Rights Act within this country,” he said, “so that those who are foreign national criminals in this country, who are taking advantage of the system that’s currently there, and the illegal economic migrants crossing the English Channel and entering this country illegally, can be deported back very much quicker than they currently are now.”

Unlike other campaign groups, we didn’t close shop and go home when we won the referendum in 2016. And after years upon years of parliamentary wrangling and hardcore pro-EU activism from our political and cultural elites, we’re glad we didn’t.

We had to fight tooth and nail to get Britain out of the EU, even after we won the biggest vote in British electoral history. But there’s clearly still work to do.

That’s why we’re using the power of our online platforms to keep up the pressure on the Conservatives and fight for the kind of country we voted for in 2016 and 2019.

With over a million supporters on Facebook and Twitter, and millions of Brits now reading our news website The Foxhole, we have a big voice to expose the stories that the mainstream media wants to brush under the carpet.

We backed Boris Johnson in 2019 and we want to see him succeed, but we won’t shy away from exposing the big faults in his government and their lacklustre approach to some of the major issues facing this country.

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