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Friday 13 August 2021

The immigration crisis continues to spiral out of control with shocking new footage this week showing a boatload of migrants landing at a beach in Ramsgate.

26 illegals flooded off the vessel in front of shocked beachgoers in Kent, with ordinary Brits left shocked by the bizarre – but increasingly common – disruption to their light summer recreation.

With Priti Patel’s approval ratings in the toilet and Boris allegedly eyeing up Michael Gove as a potential replacement, it’s time for the government to wake up and recognise that patriotic voters who put them into office with a whopping majority in 2019 are not going to turn a blind eye to this maddening invasion of our country across the Channel.

As we reported earlier this week on our side-project The Foxhole, immigration remains the number one concern for Conservative voters according to insightful new research from the pollster YouGov, with 53% of Tory supporters saying it is one of their top three issues.

It’s no surprise that the issue has only been growing in importance all year, among both Tory supporters and members of the general public, given the eye-watering acceleration in numbers as the year has progressed.

Not to mention the increasingly outrageous information we’re getting on a nearly daily basis about the soft treatment these illegals are getting once they touch base in our countryfrom the annual taxpayer-funded bill for their hotel accommodation, which could hit £70m this year, to plans from GPs across the country to make it easier for them to access NHS funded healthcare. What a sick joke.

The solution will take grit and determination, and a willingness to upset Brussels bigwigs and leaders in the French government who are very much enjoying our willingness to foolishly take on their migrant problem.

Nigel Farage, the man himself, this week outlined what he would do as Home Secretary to stem the tide – ban all asylum applications from these illegal migrants and start towing the boats back to France immediately, driving Macron and Brussels “potty” in the process. We’d love to see it!

Of course, the government isn’t only struggling to keep illegals out of our country – they’re also struggling to deport some of the most vicious criminal scum you can imagine too.

Just seven dangerous criminals were shipped back to Jamaica on a mass deportation flight this week that was originally meant to carry fifty hardened convicts back to their homeland.

The planned flight included a number of truly sick individuals including a murderer, a serial rapist of adults, and two child rapists. But that didn’t stop left-wing politicians like Diane Abbott from calling for it to be cancelled, and it didn’t stop left-wing lawyers from appealing to keep these people in the country.

The human rights vultures who wait until the last minute to lodge barmy appeals and keep these monsters here must be condemned in the strongest possible terms – but we can’t let the government off the hook either.

With such a thumping majority in the House of Commons, there is no excuse whatsoever for them to keep open the loopholes that left-wing lawyers and activists exploit to keep these thugs in Britain.

We’ve been covering these stories non-stop for months now and we’re glad that our content continues to reach a huge audience online – as more and more Brits turn away from the biased mainstream media who would rather sweep reality under the carpet.

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It isn’t all bad news though. In the run-up to the EU referendum in 2016, we were told endlessly how Brexit would destroy the economy and damage our trade position with the European Union. In the years after the referendum, we were told again that Brexit would be the end of our economy as pro-EU activists tried to overturn the biggest vote in British history.

And yet, here we are after Brexit. And we’re now selling even more into the EU than we did before withdrawing from the bloc or before the referendum – it turns out European consumers still love and crave world class British products, and we don’t need to be in a constrictive political union to sell our goods to them. Who could have guessed!