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Thursday 27 June 2019

We are about to enter a dynamic phase in UK politics where the two party system is under pressure like never before.

The failure of our political class to deliver on the UK’s biggest ever electoral mandate has exposed just how corrupt and unfit for Government the two main parties are.

The only way to get the Conservative party to deliver on Brexit is to apply maximum pressure both internally and externally.

The Brexit Party has come from nowhere in the last three months to win the European elections, top the last four national polls, and finish within 500 votes of winning in Peterborough.

18 months ago we launched the Blue Wave campaign which has been successful in energizing the Conservative grassroots. Nigel Farage puts the massive rise in Tory membership over the past year, from 124,000 to 160,000, down to Blue Wave – and CCHQ put it down to their superior performance!

Leave.EU has been actively supporting local members looking to deselect local MPs who have attempted to frustrate and derail Brexit.

Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen & Sarah Wollaston all jumped just as their local associations were about to deselect them and a number of other high profile MPs, including Dominic Grieve, Phillip Lee & Nick Boles, have lost votes of confidence.


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In terms of the Conservative Party leadership election, we very much support Boris Johnson. As Nigel said, “we are not electing a Pope!” Our view is that Boris will attempt to get a better deal from the EU but is prepared to go for a No Deal Brexit. If frustrated by Parliament, he will have to go for an early election. He will soon become Prime Minister, potentially forging an alliance with Nigel’s Brexit Party. The stage is set for a monumental shift in British politics towards traditional values and a renewed determination to leave the European Union soon. It really is the shootout at the political O.K. Corral.

Leave.EU is powerful because it has developed the largest political social media campaign in Europe. We’ve delivered over 45 million impressions on Twitter in the last 31 days and our patriotic content reached 10 million unique users on Facebook in the same period.

In the last week alone we’ve generated 2.1 million engagements on Facebook, compared to just 833 thousand generated by the Brexit Party, Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, and the Greens combined.

But, as a result of our huge success, we have acquired some powerful enemies in the political establishment.

Leave.EU has been under constant attack by the Establishment, the media, and from organisations funded by the likes of George Soros.

We have spent nearly £1 million in legal fees fighting the Electoral Commission, media organisations, and the lies peddled by Remain groups.

At a convention earlier this month, the Guardian’s Carole Cadwalladr made direct claims that I had been offered cash by the Kremlin to campaign for independence.

Legal letters have gone out demanding an apology and any damages will be donated to the Brexit Party!

Last week Richard Tice won a defamation case against the SNP, and the Brexit Party is making a legal challenge against the crooked by-election in Peterborough.

Both Grieve and Lee have been issued their marching orders over the past two weeks. Hilariously, Lee has reacted by accusing Leave.EU of entryism while in the same breath trying to recruit fellow Europhiles to the Conservatives.

We believe the next three months will be crucial in the future of the UK.

Leave.EU is funded by the public and we would urge you to make a donation to the campaign because we are entering the final phase of this battle.

Arron Banks
Leave.EU Chairman