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Friday 12 April 2019 

Just when you thought our political elite couldn’t get any more despicable, they delay Brexit by another six months and pack up to go on their holidays!

Following a European Council summit on Wednesday night the British government gleefully accepted a long delay to Brexit, ending on Halloween. This was despite May’s promise before the House of Commons on 20 March that she was “not prepared to delay Brexit any further than 30 June”.

Her word, yet again, proves worthless. It’s no wonder the Conservatives are in free fall under her leadership, with one poll this week showing her party down 9 points on the month, and another showing it plummeting by 10 points

Not only have our MPs decided to ditch work for two weeks as Britain faces the deepest political crisis in modern history, but the government itself has also chosen to wind down No Deal preparations despite already spending billions on them – and, bear in mind, a WTO Brexit remains the legal default should no deal be agreed.

You couldn’t make it up…

But while Parliament takes its break, the fightback is starting among the 17.4m who have been systematically betrayed by our appalling politicians.

Today Nigel Farage officially launched his new Brexit Party in Coventry, pledging to field candidates in every region of Great Britain in the upcoming European elections on 23 May.

Writing in the Telegraph, Farage said: “Three years after the British people voted decisively to take back their independence, they have a chance to speak again. The new Brexit Party will ask the electorate not only to support a clean break from the European Union, but also to begin a political revolution in the UK.”

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Today he announced his own candidacy for those elections and unveiled a slew of others: the educator and academic Alka Sehgal Cuthbert; fishing industry figure June Mummery; and the businessmen Ben Habib and Richard Tice.

But perhaps most interestingly, he announced the defection of the long-standing Conservative and journalist Annunziata Rees-Mogg, sister of Jacob. While Jacob betrayed his own principles by voting for May’s horrific EU treaty – despite saying repeatedly that it would make us a vassal of the EU and lead to the annexation of Ulster – his sister is taking a courageous stand by fighting for the 17.4m. At least one of them has a backbone…

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“We will field people who have been successful in business, in the armed forces, in academia as well as those from all walks of life. It is clear they are motivated not merely by the Brexit betrayal, but by a belief that career politicians are too incompetent to run this country. It is time for those who have never done a deal in their life to be replaced.”

The party has events scheduled tomorrow in Birmingham and on Monday in Eastbourne, with more candidates set to be announced. You can find details at this link.

But before 23 May there is another set of elections taking place across the country. On 2 May the old Establishment parties will be begging for your vote in local elections, and it’s a perfect opportunity to remind the Europhiles at Conservative Campaign HQ that they rely on the votes of the pro-Brexit majority.

If they won’t deliver Brexit, then we won’t deliver them our vote…

By voting anything but Tory on 2 May, you will help hand a crushing defeat to a Conservative Party which, under Theresa May, has delayed Brexit twice and attempted to hand control of our nation’s destiny over to Jeremy Corbyn. Disgraceful conduct for which they ought to be punished.

It might just be the wake-up call they need to finally get rid of the Remainer prime minister they’ve had in Downing Street for nearly three years!