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Friday 31 January 2020 – Brexit Day 

At eleven o’clock tonight the United Kingdom will become an independent sovereign state once again. We’re finally leaving the European UnionIt’s going to be a very special moment.

The morning after the historic vote of the 17.4 million, it felt like the hard work had been done. With its dodgy forecasts and taxpayer-funded propaganda the Remain campaign had thrown the kitchen sink at us and still we prevailed, with the biggest democratic mandate in history. Job done!

Not quite, it turned out. David Cameron’s nefarious campaigning was just the beginning. In the intervening years, the liberal elite has tried absolutely every nasty, undemocratic and loathsome trick in the book. And yet, as last month’s election showed, the more Remain blocked this and extended that, the more they sealed our righteous destiny.

Boris Johnson’s thumping majority in the final days of the last decade was like one of those massive earthquakes, so powerful it irreversibly shifts the planet’s axis. Not only was Britain’s independence set in stone on December 12th but the entire twisted liberal political consensus that began with Major at Maastricht, then peaked with Blair and was sustained limply by Cameron, was destroyed.

David Cameron was only able to keep the show on the road by promising an EU referendum, a tactic that failed spectacularly. Theresa May’s disgraceful attempt to break with Brussels in name only signalled the death knell. Brexiteers should be mightily proud of themselves for literally saving the nation.

Damian Collins abused his power as chair of the Commons digital committee to coordinate attacks against Leave.EU with different public bodies. He’s just one dastardly Remainer abusing his power within a dense network of fellow MPs, civil servants, journalists, judges and celebrities hellbent on tarnishing the referendum’s good name. This week, MPs punished Collins by rejecting him for chair of the committee.

“We love Europe, we just hate the European Union. It’s as simple as that,” said Nigel in his parting speech to the EU Parliament this week.

Love’s perhaps a little strong, but granted there’s plenty of sunshine and good wine over there. And credit to millions of Europeans rising up against the EU, inspired to seize back sovereignty on the back of our success in 2016.

But it would be wrong to mark Britain down simply as the first nation to break with Brussels. It’s true that we are in many ways defined by our resistance to Europe over centuries and the madcap ideals springing forth every now and again, the “federalist project” being just the latest. We are far more than that though. The venal political class excepted, ours is a society that cherishes and upholds the rule of law, we prize fairness and democratic accountability, and to quote a verse from the national anthem: 

Scatter our enemies,
And make them fall!
Confound their politics,
Frustrate their knavish tricks

You might say Brexit itself helps define Britain. We reclaimed our sovereignty democratically and then took on our enemies with their “knavish tricks” and destroyed them.


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However, if the last three and a half years have taught us anything it is that the establishment, still dominated by the cult of Remain, will continue to come after us and scorn the ordinary men and women who make this country thrive, which is why we’re staying in the fight.

Leave.EU has scored some huge victories since our creation in the summer of 2015. We won the digital campaign at the referendum, inspiring hundreds of thousands to vote for the first time in their lives. In the aftermath, we defied Remain’s underhand tactics and conspiracies at every turn. Our Blue Wave movement helped topple Theresa May and our deselection campaign took down a string of influential Remainer Tories culminating in Boris’s sacking of 21 more of them. We know for a fact that the Conservative Party’s pivot back to the Right owed a lot to our success in re-energizing the long-forgotten grassroots. Along the way, our social media posts were seen a staggering four billion times.

So watch this space for exciting new projects in the pipeline and please consider supporting us with a donation so that we can do the utmost to stick it to the liberal elite who, in spite of Boris’s big win, remain powerful.

The new Brexit 50p coin entered into circulation today. Our thoughts and prayers are with sad Remainers who will now be constantly reminded the UK is an independent nation state when they get their change.

But above all, make sure to raise a glass tonight and toast your own hard work and commitment. Tonight Britain will finally exit the European Union, irreversibly setting in motion the full restoration of our democracy in a year’s time. Meanwhile, as so often in the past, across the Channel the story is very different. Stand proud and pity them.