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Dear Supporter,

This weekend it was reported that French President Emmanuel Macron, fresh off getting the taste slapped out of his mouth last week, had suggested to the Prime Minister that he didn’t think Northern Ireland was even part of the United Kingdom.

What an unbelievable statement from a man running a country that was liberated from Nazi tyranny by the British Army, manned in part by tens of thousands of brave servicemen from Northern Ireland.

It was a truly revealing moment, as the arrogance and ignorance of the EU was laid bare for all to see as the need for urgent action on the hated Northern Ireland Protocol became all the more clear.

That’s why we’re backing a major court action to take on the Protocol, that will seek to force the UK government to admit its discriminatory impact on the people of Northern Ireland.

Prominent Brexiteer Arron Banks has already pledged £75,000 to the fight, but there’s still some ways to go to get it fully funded and you can help out at crowdjustice.com/case/class-action-against-ni-protocol/.

Responding to the reports of Macron’s comments, Ian Paisley MP said it best: “End the Protocol now! The French don’t even know what they have agreed or the basics of international territories. They don’t even know NI is part of the UK. How ignorant can they be!

“Given they don’t understand what they’ve signed up to in the Protocol, the PM must immediately invoke Article 16 and scrap the deal unilaterally – and get a reality check back into the Brexit agreement.”

With this kind of warped and ignorant thinking on the other side of the row, what hope is there in seeing a positive change over the Protocol?

These are the same people, after all, who were caught saying during the Brexit talks that they would “isolate” and “use Ireland” as a means to force Britain into a bad deal.

And don’t forget that back in January they happily invoked Article 16 of the Protocol themselves in a desperate bid to deny Britain vaccines we were rightfully entitled to.

So the Protocol is sacrosanct even when it risks breaking up the United Kingdom, but it can be suspended at the drop of a hat when it poses the smallest inconvenience to the corrupt and selfish European Union?

Their whole mentality is sick and has been from the beginning.

The Prime Minister this weekend suggested the UK government “will not hesitate to invoke Article 16” and suspend the mechanism but in reality he has hesitated far too long.

We shouldn’t be waiting for a “sausage war” to break out at the end of the month before we think about dealing with this outrageous attack on the United Kingdom.

The Protocol is having a discriminatory effect on people and businesses in Northern Ireland right now, and drastic action needs to be taken immediately to protect the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland’s place in it.

So please consider chipping in to help Ian Paisley’s effort to force the government to admit, in court, that the Northern Ireland Protocol has an unacceptable discriminatory effect on the people of Northern Ireland, who are trapped and cut off from the rest of the United Kingdom by a border down the Irish Sea.

You can support the campaign to protect the UK at crowdjustice.com/case/class-action-against-ni-protocol/ and every donation will help the fightback against the corrupt EU and this outrageous Protocol.