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Friday 16 July 2021

​​When 17.4 million patriotic Brits voted to leave the corrupt European Union five years ago, it was a magnificent triumph for our country. But it was never just about Britain. As Boris Johnson said in that final television debate: “If we stand up for democracy, we will be speaking up for hundreds of millions of people around Europe who agree with us but who currently have no voice.”

And it appears at least one country in the EU has now found their voice, with senior Polish judges this week defying orders from the hated European Court of Justice by refusing to suspend new constitutional reforms passed legitimately by the democratically elected Polish government.

The reforms will see a new disciplinary panel set up to remove legal immunity from Polish judges and hold them accountable to the public, with many concerned about the enduring influence of ​c​ommunist-era judges who remain on the bench decades after the fall of Soviet tyranny.

Given British judges this week denied the Justice Secretary’s righteous plea to keep child rapist and murderer Colin Pitchfork behind bars, making judges more accountable to the public doesn’t seem like such a bad idea!

The bold decision has been dubbed a legal Polexit by some experts, as swivel-eyed Europhiles demand immediate punishment in the form of crippling sanctions – ​all because Poland’s judges decided that ​their proud nation’s own laws should reign supreme. All very odd for a supranational organisation which, we were told endlessly by Remainers, is simply about regulating international trade

We certainly hope European countries continue to find their own voice and hit back against the warped diktats of unaccountable European courts. Poland and Hungary – fight on, stay strong, and don’t give an inch!

The kind of backbone seen in Poland was sorely lacking at home this week. We were hugely disappointed ​​to see a presenter at the newly-launched GB News station take the knee on-air, a stunt that not even left-wing activists at the BBC or Channel 4 News have dared try!

Whilst we were encouraged by the broadcaster’s apology a few days later, condemning the move by Guto Harri as “unacceptable”, few would argue that GB News has yet to truly live up to the hype as an alternative news outlet to rival the biased mainstream media. Since Andrew Neil’s abrupt hiatus not long after launch, the broadcaster appears to have lost its way

We hope for Britain’s sake that GB News can get back on track, but any more cock-ups like Mr Harri’s on Tuesday will erode the little confidence in the station that remains within its dwindling viewership.

As an organisation, we warned about the inevitable human cost that would come with Angela Merkel’s open-arms approach to illegal immigration back in 2015. It was a fundamental element of our Brexit campaign and one that many of the establishment figures at Vote Leave (who happen to now be in government) felt was too fringe to call out.

We were vilified by the left-wing press and the Remain campaign and accused of scare-mongering. Sadly, we were right.

In the last month alone we have seen an Afghan asylum seeker in Sweden receive a life sentence for a stabbing spree which injured seven pedestrians. He came to Europe amid the migrant crisis in 2016.

In Germany, we’ve seen deadly knife attacks in Hamburg and Greven, both of which were committed by young Afghan asylum seekers. A crazed knifeman stabbed three women to death in the German city of Würzburg – he was a Somalian immigrant who arrived in the country in 2015 at Merkel’s request.

Across the border in Austria, four Afghan asylum seekers have been charged with the gang-rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl in Vienna who was found strangled and propped up against a tree by the roadside. One of those attackers was an 18-year-old who arrived in the country in 2015 – he would have been one of those children the mainstream media told us we were supposed to feel sorry for. It turned out he already had a string of drug trafficking offences and had a deportation notice after his asylum application had been rejected.

Three Pakistani migrants were detained in Greece after gang-raping a pregnant woman who came to them for help after being raped by an Afghan refugee. A sickening attack!

And in France, a court heard how an Afghan migrant had attempted to mitigate the fact that he had raped a 12-year-old boy, claiming that child sexual abuse was customary in his homeland.

No-one in the mainstream media is covering this.

And we believe it is vitally important that Brits are aware of what is happening in Europe and know the facts, because as we all know, this Conservative government has not yet truly taken back control of Britain’s porous borders, and as undocumented migrants continue to flood into Britain on a record scale from across the Channel, the problems facing Europe will hit our shores before too long.

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