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2 December 2016

The so-called ‘experts’ admit they got it wrong…again.

Leaver Michael Gove was widely ridiculed by the great and good for suggesting that decent, patriotic Brits had had enough of experts during June’s referendum campaign, but could he have been any more right? The OECD is the latest group to take the walk of shame, forced into walking back their worst Brexit doom predictions by the huge amount of positive economic data rubbishing their worst fear-mongering claims.

They join the IMF, who had to swallow humble pie and admit that Brexit Britain would be the fastest growing economy in the G7 this year despite the alleged apocalypse that Brexit was due to bring about. They joined arms with the OECD and rancid Tory George Osborne to scare the British people into submission. What a stroke of luck that we saw through it all.

The government itself had to backtrack too when Remainer Philip Hammond delivered his Autumn Statement. The forecasts of the OBR didn’t at all resemble the worst predictions of Osborne’s Treasury stooges. In fact the forecasts predicted five years of continuous growth with not one of those nasty Brexit recessions in sight. Funny how that works.

Forecasts Up

The OECD now says that Britain will grow at 2% this year. No shock for us Brexiteers. We’ve seen Britain go from strength to strength since our vote to leave, with economic activity across most major sectors of the economy showing consistent expansion. The Paris-based organisation also upped its forecasts for 2017 by another 0.2%, while saying that America would boom under allegedly unqualified President Donald Trump – reaching 3% growth in 2018.

With wise voters in Britain and America seeing through the establishment’s lies and deceit, the future is even better than these organisations are keen to admit. A new trade deal between the two countries will stoke up even more economic activity, and such a deal has been promised by, among others, Trump’s top trade advisor Dan DiMicco and House Speaker Paul Ryan. This week the US ambassador to the UK called for one too. The OECD had better get ready to up those growth forecasts again.

The value of cheaper sterling

Economically illiterate Remainers were quick to jump on any story they could find in the aftermath of our historic vote, attempting to spin it regardless of the benefits they missed. The fall in the value of sterling is a prime example.

Despite being overvalued for years, as most genuine experts on the foreign exchange markets had said for months, Remainers were quick to blame the fall in sterling on Brexit, claiming that it was disastrous for our country and making facile comments about the fluctuating size of Britain’s GDP.

Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for the rest of the country, the new value of sterling has been a boon for manufacturers and firms in the tourism industry. PMI data has shown expansion in the manufacturing sector for months, spurred by increased demand from around the world as high quality British goods have become more and more competitive.

Likewise, tourism firms have become massively optimistic about our future following strong business – confirmed by services PMI data. As the pound became cheaper, foreign holidaymakers saw the opportunity for affordable trips to Britain, triggering more economic activity and lighting a spark in our powerhouse economic engine.