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Thursday 19 March 2020

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, we at Leave.EU have been discussing how best we can play our part in helping the nation at its time of need.

This is an unprecedented crisis that will see our nation change immeasurably for the foreseeable future as the British government follows the science and attempts to suppress this virus as best it can.

With European nations and indeed much of the world implementing drastic social distancing measures, key sectors will be hit hard, and that includes our hugely important healthcare and children’s charities.

The income of charities that improve the lives of our country’s most vulnerable people will be decimated by “social distancing” and the cancellation of hundreds of fundraising events, collections and projects across Britain. Many smaller charities rely solely on the income raised from these events and will be unable to continue carrying out the vital work they do for those in need.

Our key strength as a campaign is our reach, with over a million supporters of our campaign on social media and thus, we invite you to back our new “Heroes In Crisis” initiative.

“Heroes In Crisis” is about giving what you can to smaller charities that will otherwise be fatally wounded by the COVID-19 outbreak. We provide a non-exhaustive list below of charities we aim to help from this initiative, including the likes of Bliss, WellChild and Together For Short Lives – all of which receive no central funding and are 100% voluntarily funded by the public. We estimate that many of these charities will lose up to ¬£2 million each from event cancellations due to COVID-19 – a big one being the London Marathon.

We must invoke that Great British community spirit our nation is famous for to get through these tough and uncertain times and whilst we appreciate that all of us will be hit in some way over the next few weeks and months, some will suffer greater than others. We ask that you play your part in supporting these unsung heroes, and ensure the future stability of these vital organisations for when we undoubtedly come out the other end of this global crisis.

You can find the list of charities we’re promoting and a brief outline of their mission below.

Stay safe and all the best,
The Leave.EU Team