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Friday 30 April 2021

The Northern Ireland Protocol needs to go, and we are proud today to be announcing our support for a new lawsuit that aims to force the government to admit that it is having a discriminatory impact on people and businesses in Northern Ireland.

After the rest of the UK left the onerous Brexit transition arrangements at the start of this year, Northern Ireland found itself increasingly isolated on the wrong side of an Irish sea border as the EU maliciously overpoliced the arrangements of the Brexit deal as part of a sick plot, carried out in bad faith, to carve up the United Kingdom.

It’s not as if the European Union cares a lick about an open border on the island of Ireland. They proved as much back in January when they threatened to impose a customs border on the island anyway, as part of their scheme to hoard their paltry supply of Commission-sourced coronavirus vaccines.

They triggered Article 16 of the Protocol at the drop of a hat when it suited them, and were only forced back into line after pushback from the British and Irish governments.

So why is the British government failing to do the same, and not triggering Article 16 itself to ease trade frictions across the Irish sea, protect our union, and assert British sovereignty over Northern Ireland?

Even though the EU ​is behaving appallingly, the British government deserves their share of the blame for doing too little to protect our beloved union from the effects of this predatory Protocol.

Back in February, Boris Johnson talked tough about doing “everything we need to do, whether legislatively or indeed by triggering Article 16 of the Protocol, to ensure that there is no barrier down the Irish Sea.”

Has anything meaningfully been done to protect Northern Ireland in the nearly three months since he said those words in the House of Commons? No.

That government tough talk fell apart within two weeks, when Michael​  ​Gove met up with his European counterpart Maroš Šefčovič and reiterated his “fullcommitment” to “the proper implementation of the Protocol”.​​​​

He has since been shuffled out of his post and replaced with the supposedly more hardline Lord Frost, with one source saying that Frost considered Gove “too weak” on the Protocol, but the issues continue to persist for this vital part of our union​,​ two months on.

With the government still dithering over how to ease trade within its own territory, now time is perfect to strike back against this corrupt legal instrument and get to work protecting Northern Ireland’s place in our United Kingdom.

That’s why we’re pleased to support a new class action lawsuit being headed by DUP MP Ian Paisley against the UK government, which will argue in court that this outrageous mechanism of the Brexit deal is having a discriminatory impact on people and businesses in Northern Ireland.

“The Northern Ireland Protocol imposed on us at the behest of Brussels is doing untold damage to lots of local trade businesses across NI and GB. We need to fight back in the interest of justice, fairness and free trade within the UK,” said Paisley, summing up the impetus for the legal action. 

The government has already admitted that the Protocol is discriminatory, which makes this case a slam dunk. Forcing the government to officially declare discrimination will open the flood gates for compensation, paving the way for the wretched mechanism’s timely demise, preserving the Union.  

We are very confident in the lawsuit’s prospects and encourage our supporters to back this action too, so please consider giving what you can to help finance the legal costs through the campaign’s crowdfunder and help them stand up for British people and businesses being left behind by this government in Northern Ireland. 

Support the campaign and together, let’s crush this warped EU plot to tear up our United Kingdom as vindictive revenge for Brexit.