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Friday 10 September 2021

​Illegal immigration came sweeping back atop the agenda this week as illegal Channel crossings resumed following a two-week respite of unfavourable weather.

Reports from the ground on Monday suggested that more than a thousand migrants had flooded into the country by boat in just one day, setting yet another grim record. The Home Office later claimed just 785 had come – but those with sources on the coast remained sceptical, with Brexiteer Nigel Farage suggesting that figure was simply “when they stopped counting”.

The migrants certainly seem to be loving it. Footage from a Kent beach went viral showing a group of men – all men – getting down on their knees and kissing the pebbles as they praised Allah after being ferried into the country by the RNLI.

Reports also emerged ​of migrants landing​ all along the southern coast​ and​ dodging​ detection by authorities​. Several were caught hiding in the gardens of unsuspecting British subjects. Imagine that – you help elect a Conservative government with a whopping 80 seat majority, only to find illegal immigrants hiding in your garden on a summer afternoon!

Confronted in the Commons about the unacceptable figures, Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a truly woeful response​,​ encouraging the French to do more to stop the crossings.

The French have been absolutely dreadful partners in this, and we’re glad that Priti Patel looks set to withhold the outrageous £54m bung of public money ​they ​are doing nothing to earn. But isn’t it time we took control of our borders ourselves, and stopped sending our own so-called Border Force into the Channel to actively facilitate this illegal immigration?

Priti Patel has suggested doing just that, with the Home Office briefing the press on plans to rewrite maritime law to allow British authorities to turn these boats around and prevent them from landing in Britain. All well and good – except the plans are already being watered down by liberal civil servants hellbent on keeping the invasion flowing.

Maybe it’s time to try a different approach? The Danish government this week unveiled new plans to make jobless migrants work 37 hours a week to retain access to their taxpayer funded welfare benefits.

Ms Patel will certainly want to shake things up sharpish, with persistent rumours that she could be facing the sack over her handling of the crisis. Michael Gove has reportedly been lined up to take her place – after campaigning for Brexit, he eventually softened his stance and backed Theresa May’s dreadful deal, but he does have a track record of facing down obstructive civil servants and pushing through reform.

But Ms Patel isn’t the only person trying to talk more tough this week, with our old friend Michel Barnier upping the ante in his bid to become French President.

After years helming Brexit negotiations on behalf of Brussels, he’s decided to run on quite an interesting platform: ban non-EU immigration for five years, renegotiate Schengen to​ take sovereign ​control EU immigration, and pull France out of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

You really could not make it up. Maybe all those years dealing with David Davis, Dominic Raab, and David Frost saw a little common sense rub off on Mr Barnier. Or perhaps it’s merely a cynical ploy to siphon support away from Eurosceptic nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen.

Time will tell – but come what may, we’ll be watching the election in France very closely indeed.

Sadly, the illegal immigration crisis continues to be swept under the rug by Britain’s decrepit mainstream media. Even as migrants arrive in ever increasing numbers, without background checks or national security vetting, our establishment press would rather provide a megaphone to pampered left-wing whingers like Meghan Markle to bleat on about their lot in life.

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