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Friday 22 March 2019 

Another EU summit, another monumental stitch-up. Now more than ever, the invertebrates occupying the swamp of British politics need to be flushed out, replenished with dedicated patriots who want to see the democratic will implemented.

“Last night, a national humiliation became an international humiliation,” said Nigel Farage following the announcement at yesterday’s EU Council gathering that Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union will be extended after Theresa May pleaded pathetically for more time.

The Remainer media chose to distract the public with reports of dramatic differences of opinion among EU leaders, and British prime minister being mocked at the summit’s lavish dinner, which Mrs May was uninvited from at the last minute. All utterly meaningless at a time when Britain has reached a moment of full-blown political crisis.

The fact of the matter is, as Farage alluded to, both sides went into talks last night hoping to delay Brexit with a view to extinguishing British independence altogether. Surprise surprise, they got what they wanted, regardless of previous pledges to leave on March 29, the additional uncertainty for businesses that would entail, and yet more frustration for an already extremely fed up British people.

The establishment’s skirmishes against the electorate have escalated into open conflict. Invited onto the Today programme (click here, 2:37 in) this morning to explain why the extension of talks is a complete “disaster”, Farage was pelted with abusive and insidious remarks, which only made him more determined to make his point on behalf of the 17.4 million.

“People are angry, and I’m angry too…they’re saying, ‘can we please end this agony, it is dominating everything, we’ve had enough?’”. Correct, what should have been a simple trade negotiation, has turned into a nightmare of obstruction by the elites.

For an idea of how trade deals should be done, look no further than the encouraging statements made by Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton this week. “Any member of the government would be welcome here, we can do these deals quickly,” he said (see below and read more at Westmonster).

May’s latest convoluted arrangement with Brussels gives the House of Commons around three weeks to reverse the referendum result. Already, an amendment has been tabled by Oliver Letwin for Parliament to take control of the withdrawal process, while business secretary Greg Clark is telling the media MPs will be given indicative votes. MPs are now poised to defeat May’s deal a third and final time before telling her what the next deal should look like.

They will call for either a second referendum or permanent membership of the Customs Union, probably both, facilitated by another, much longer extension. Brussels will accept the terms. It’s “disgusting,” said Farage. We quite agree.

And it’s not just Brexiteers like Farage fighting against the conspiracy. Speaking to the Telegraph on Thursday, minister Jake Berry, who voted for May’s deal and voted Remain openly admitted: “we have a politically corrupt, a politically broken system.”

“Look at the machine, look at the arms of the state. Look at the Electoral Commission and the way it’s repeatedly fined Vote Leave but left alone the Remain campaign…every sinew of the state as far as I can tell is straining to stop Brexit.” For evidence of this widespread sedition, we strongly suggest you read this piece by an anonymous civil servant.

“A senior member of staff at the Foreign Office told me she was ashamed when Boris Johnson was appointed Foreign Secretary as he is so ‘typically British’,” they write.

Speaking of the Electoral Commission, Leave.EU won it’s appeal yesterday against the blatantly biased body’s ludicrous fines.

It seems there’s a lot of humiliation going round. The presiding judge knocked down the fines, ruling that campaign spending limits had not been breached after all, rather, the EC had got its sums badly wrong. The Commission also appears to be incapable of interpreting its own statutes as other accusations were thrown out simply because they didn’t break any rules. You can find out more at Westmonster.

So not all arms of the state are bent and there’s the opportunity for reform too. Farage is taking the helm of the newly formed Brexit Party, poised to create hell for the political elites at the upcoming European elections – the only benefit of extended of talks.

UKIP won the elections last time in 2014 when across Europe anti-EU parties like France’s National Front also scored big gains. Following Wednesday’s stunning result for Dutch party Forum for Democracy in national elections, the European elites are bracing themselves for a hammering.

Here in Britain, following yet another surrender in Brussels, the mood is ripe for an insurgency to take down a political class conspiring to overturn the will of the people. Farage has promised to field cross-party candidates, the right people for the right regions, all united by Brexit. They will pose a formidable threat.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can sign up to the new party here. And if you’re eager to make your voice heard sooner, you can still take part in the former UKIP leader’s march from Sunderland to London. Click here to learn more. We also encourage you to participate in our deselection campaign of pro-Remain Conservative MPs.