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Friday 18 June 2021

​​This week proved to be key in the big battle over freedom of speech and thought.

As a new television station, GB News, launched in households across the country and beat BBC News and Sky News in the television ratings, a disgusting plot from the anti-democratic left kicked into full gear.

Taking to Twitter, these activists moved quickly to harass advertisers into pulling their funds in a desperate bid to kill off a news outlet whose editorial stance they think they might potentially disagree with.

Remember, GB News had not broadcast a second of content when Stop Funding Hate started their warped campaign against them back in February, and loony left agitators are still unable to find any examples of “hate” on the platform a week in.

Perhaps they were offended by Andrew Neil saying his presenters would likely be “inclined” to “side with the Queen” in a recent row about the Duke and Duchess of Woke, Harry and Meghan? It hardly sounds like “hate” – rather, good old fashioned common sense.

The radical left is totally incapable of winning support at the ballot box, having been soundly crushed in the last four general elections and in the 2016 referendum on British independence, because their ideas are so repulsive to ordinary people.

So they instead resort to bully boy tactics like this, leveraging their outrage as pathetic social media mobs to ​​try​ and​ kil​l​ off outlets who oppose their ​deranged​ ideology – hoping to maintain a left-wing consensus in the broadcast media that does nothing to represent ordinary men and women across the UK.

And sadly, their war against political pluralism in British journalism did enjoy some early success with firms like Kopparberg, Grolsch, and Ikea being quick to drop advertising from GB News.

Ikea, founded by the wartime fascist activist Ingvar Kamprad, said that they try to “prevent our advertising from appearing on platforms that are not in line with our humanistic values and vision to side with the many people” and that they would be “investigating how this may have occurred to ensure it won’t happen again in future”.

We wonder how their humanistic values line up with what happened in their business over in France, where they were fined £1m this week over an illegal snooping scheme set up by company bosses to delve into the personal lives and backgrounds of their own employees…

The whole ugly boycotting incident just underscores how important it is to directly support news outlets and campaigning organisations that stand up for the ordinary pro-British majority.

With spineless corporate advertisers so willing to pull the plug at the first sign of woke backlash, and with cancel culture running ever more rampant, patriotic groups simply cannot rely on traditional avenues of funding.

That’s why we always encourage our supporters to help us out directly at leaveeuofficial.com/get-involved or by becoming a Foxhole member at foxhole.news/membership.

We’re a small team just looking to cover our costs, and any help we receive goes a long way to making sure the operation remains on a sustainable footing going forward.

Luckily the success of this loony left crusade has not been complete, with some brands like the Co-op standing up and unashamedly saying they refuse to interfere with the editorial independence of news outlets. Good for them!

And some of the more woke companies, like Ikea, have moved to tone down their rhetoric in the sad hopes that consumers will forget what they said and did as a knee-jerk reaction to the pressure of the woke anti-democratic mob.

After coming out the gates caving in to the loony left and spouting nonsense about GB News not lining u​​p with their “humanistic values and vision to side with the many people” (what does that even mean?), Ikea have since clarified: “As a newly launched channel, we recognise that it is simply too soon to make an informed decision as to whether advertising there is in line with our advertising policy and brand guidelines.

“We want to make it clear that it was not our intention to polarise our customers or others in this debate, and a decision on our future approach will be taken in due course.”

Too late! You already have polarised your customers, and many of them will now rightly take their custom elsewhere.

​If you shop with or use any of the brands that have pulled or “paused” their advertising with GB News, we encourage you to get in touch with them and make your voice heard. They are: 

Kind regards and have a great weekend,
The Leave.EU Team