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Friday 25 June 2021

This week marked the fifth anniversary of Britain’s historic decision to leave the corrupt and failing European Union, and bitter political leaders on the European mainland seemed to go out of their way to remind us once again why that was the right decision.

Just this week​,​ the mask slipped yet again when Pedro Sánchez, the Prime Minister of Spain, hailed another step towards a “future United States of Europe” following a 750 billion euro stimulus package.

The EU’s ambassador to the UK, Joao Vale de Almeida, took some pathetic swipes at our country too, boasting about EU support in Scotland (where one million people in fact voted Leave) and suggesting the Union could fragment over the next two decades.

And despite Brexit Britain being far ahead of Germany on vaccinations, and with our rolling daily deaths being just a quarter of the number in there, Angela Merkel has now demanded a Europe-wide effort to quarantine all incoming Brits. To the surprise of nobody, Emmanuel Macron – whose party came fifth in last weekend’s regional elections – was quick to jump on the bandwagon too.

The British government is working hard to seize the big opportunities posed by our incredible vaccine rollout (facilitated by our independence from the pathetic European Commission) and is trying to restore foreign travel as we return to our former way of life. But embittered European politicians, who are lagging behind the UK in their fight against the virus, are desperate to punish Britain out of spite.

But while the EU’s single market commissioner Thierry Breton cluelessly calls our decision to free ourselves from the EU’s shackles an “aberration that has weakened and isolated the UK”, the Prime Minister​,​ Boris Johnson gave a much more upbeat message that properly reflects the freedom we now have outside the hated bloc.

“The decision to leave the EU may now be part of our history, but our clear mission is to utilise the freedoms it brings to shape a better future for our people” he said, vowing to use new powers clawed back from Brussels to level up the entire United Kingdom as we exit the pandemic.

​Sadly, baffling displays of liberal arrogance aren’t limited to the European Union.

Cultural, political, and commercial elites in the UK are just as out of touch with the feelings of the British public as some European officials seem to be.

​This week, ​Marks & Spencer attracted widespread mockery for a new piece of woke nonsense when they launched a new line of multi-racially skin-toned underwear, with lingerie director Laura Charles saying the death of convicted robber George Floyd had “spurred us on to go harder and faster.”
“Is there anything that ISN’T inspired by George Floyd anymore?” asked one exasperated social media user, as the world just continues to get more and more ridiculous.

And Winston Marshall, the banjo player for the popular band Mumford & Sons, finally felt he had to leave the​ group​ this week because of the outrageous woke social media backlash to positive comments he made about Andy Ngo’s best-selling book exposing Antifa.

These radical left-wing thugs spent last summer rioting across the west, and in some parts of the world they’ve kept up their unrelenting campaign of violent extremism continuously.

Authorities seem unwilling to crack down hard on them as they make life a misery for ordinary people. Yet a banjo player is the one who faces the full brunt of the mob – for the crime of reading a book and saying something nice about it. Madness.

Is it any wonder then that new polling has showed Brits are getting fed up with woke snowflake cultural politics? A new international survey from Ipsos ​reveals the majority of Brits think people are too easily offended these days, more than in any other country polled.

As always, we’re happy to push back against this nonsense to an audience of well over a million people on social media and to the millions who are now engaging with our content at The Foxhole.

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We cover a whole range of subjects that outlets like the BBC are too squeamish to touch – highlighting the rising tide of illegal immigration into our country, the horrifying crimewave taking over the capital on Sadiq Khan’s watch, and the pathetic capitulations to the woke mob being made every day by once respected British institutions.

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