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Friday 9 July 2021

After several years of surging illegal immigration across the English Channel, the Home Secretary Priti Patel is finally preparing to do something about the issue – but many remain sceptical of the government’s ability to stem the disturbing tide.

When this country voted to leave the corrupt European Union five years ago, there were many factors motivating our vote. Brits were sick of the massive cash handouts to Brussels that could be better spent at home. They were fed up with seeing our sovereignty sapped by unaccountable foreign bureaucrats as our own parliament became ever more feeble and powerless.

But the clearest totem of Britain’s powerlessness within the shackles of the EU was freedom of movement.

Yet as the government has moved to end free movement and take back control over legal immigration into Britain, our so-called Border Force has been ferrying illegal immigrants into Britain across the Channel in ever growing numbers.

The most recent statistics from Migration Watch show a whopping 5,906 migrants flooded into the country by small boat in the first six months of this year alone, up 165% over the same period last year. If that rate of increase continues, we’ll see more than 23,000 migrants arriving in the country illegally by small boat in 2021.

In a single weekend at the end of last month, more migrants arrived in Britain by boat than arrived in all of 2018. The government has lost control and something needs to be done urgently.

Ms Patel, who often says the right thing, has declare​d that British voters “have had enough” of the wild migrant surge and vows to crack down on the scourge with new measures that will empower authorities to deal with criminal people smugglers, deter arrivals, and boot out failed asylum seekers with greater ease.

The government will also introduce new changes to asylum rules that will ban people from claiming asylum in the UK if they passed through safe countries like France and Italy to arrive on our shores – shopping for the largest government handouts instead of fleeing genuine persecution.

​And plans could see illegals locked up for defying our immigration rules and entering our country illegally too.

But many doubt whether the government has the mettle to really deal with the issue, with Brexit icon Nigel Farage warning people not to expect too much.

“The prospect of people arriving by boat being put straight into prison I would have thought – given the Human Rights Act, and given that we’re still part of the European Convention on Human Rights – is just about zero​,”​ said Farage​ at the weekend​. 

And he was joined in his criticism by former Vote Leave boss and Downing Street chief​,​ Dominic Cummings, who warned: “It can’t be dealt with seriously without dealing with the Human Rights Act/European Convention on Human Rights. Number 10 will obscure this basic fact because they won’t deal with it.”

​We’re pleased that the government are taking steps to tighten up immigration rules and the Nationality and Border Bill is a step in the right direction. But we’ll never stop speaking out for Britain’s silent majority, who want to see the government go even further to truly resolve this issue for good.

Every migrant who enters the country illegally without any kind of background checks or vetting is a national security risk. It’s a disgrace for the government to boast that we’ve taken back control of our borders when our own so-called Border Force is actively ferrying illegal immigrants into the country on a nearly daily basis.

Unlike establishment press outlets who would rather sweep this issue under the carpet and focus on other things, we’re committed to doing what we did so successfully during the 2016 referendum – we’ll be speaking up for the concerns of ordinary people and keeping up constant pressure on the government to do more.

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