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Friday 4 June 2021

Illegal migrants continued to pour through Britain’s porous borders in eye-watering numbers this week as the warm weather encouraged yet more trips across the Channel.

Shocking statistics reveal that 1,619 migrants arrived in the country by small boat throughout the month of May – almost as many as the 1,835 who arrived by the same method in all of 2019. It’s more than a two-fold increase on the pace of arrivals over the same period last year too, with Britain on track to receive nearly 20,000 illegal boat migrants in 2021 unless the government wakes up and changes policy.

The current policy clearly is not working, with our so-called Border Force working to pick up the illegals in the Channel and ferry them directly into the country. Given how soft the country is already, you’d think the migrants would be grateful – but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This week it was reported that Border Force workers are faced with “mob unrest” from the entitled illegals when they bring them into Britain, as the horde demands rapid housing and feeding on the taxpayer’s buck.

And why wouldn’t they feel entitled, given how neatly the deck is stacked in their favour. Yesterday saw a High Court judge rule that the Home Office had acted unlawfully by housing asylum seekers at Napier Barracks in Kent. It was good enough for British soldiers, but according to one of our esteemed judges it was not fit to be used as free accommodation for migrants…

It’s also been another ugly week in our capital on Sadiq Khan’s watch, with a truly horrifying sequence of brutal stabbings, knife fights, and shootings.

On Monday, while Londoners tried to enjoy the sun in a local park, a youngster was stabbed to death in broad daylight. On Tuesday in Hyde Park, thugs were filmed running around swinging weapons described as “machetes” and “swords” while one horrified onlooker screamed “he got stabbed! There’s a knife, there’s a knife!” And on Wednesday, another shocking knife fight was captured on the streets of Greenwich.

Later on Wednesday, a man was stabbed and shot in Brixton. Police rushed to the scene to investigate and found themselves mobbed by a huge crowd, who reportedly lobbed projectiles at them. Riot cops had to be called to the scene to maintain order.

What has it come to when you can’t even enjoy the bank holiday weather in a London park without seeing somebody stabbed to death? How have we reached a situation in our own capital where police officers are attacked for investigating a shooting – and where a journalist’s first instinct after hearing of a shooting is to hope that the “police presence doesn’t escalate matters”?

But don’t worry, Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick has the cure for London’s terrifying crime epidemic. She’s reportedly been pushing for a change in the law so she can start practicing anti-white discrimination when recruiting. After all, who needs recruitment based purely on merit when London is such a peaceful utopia – with a mere three murder investigations being launched in a single seven hour period last Thursday night!

With a huge summer crisis brewing in the Channel as the weather heats up, and with crime continuing to spiral out of control in London, it’s more important than ever that alternative news sources can get the word out while liberal elites at establishment media outlets like the BBC try to brush it under the carpet.

Met Police Federation boss Ken Marsh warned back in February that “there is a genuine concern among the police that we are moving into a position this summer where the levels of violence become unprecedented”, and we already appear to be seeing that play out.

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