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Friday 02 July 2021

​This morning saw the results of yesterday’s Batley & Spen by-election come in, with Labour clinging on to the seat by just 323 votes.

Beleaguered Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, whose favourability ratings have tumbled lower and lower over the last few months, hailed it as “a fantastic result” despite Labour losing seven and a half percent of the vote since 2019 and squeaking by with a lead of less than 1% – in a seat they’ve held at every election since 1997.

George Galloway, who was expected to hurt Labour’s chances, appears to have picked up significant support from both sides of the aisle with a pro-Brexit and anti-woke message, securing 22% of the vote against expert predictions.

The Tory campaign, meanwhile, was marked by quiet complacency – perhaps buoyed by an opinion poll two weeks ago which suggested the Tories would win the seat by six points.

Martin Daubney, a former Brexit Party MEP who helped batter Theresa May’s hopeless Tories in the 2019 European elections, said: if the Tories had shown guts & stuck up for the Batley Grammar School teacher living in fear under death threats, they would have won the seat. But they kept their heads down, hoping Labour & Galloway would cancel each other out. It utterly failed.”

Daubney was referring to the truly shocking story of a local Religious Studies teacher who was forced into hiding after an angry mob demanded his sacking for showing a cartoon of Muhammad in a lesson on blasphemy and free speech.

Daubney wasn’t the only commentator to worry that the Tories hurt their chances with an overly conservative campaign that looked to prey on a divided left for an easy win. Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox said much the same: “If the Conservatives had stood up for the teacher instead of trying to push the amorphous concept of #BuildBackBetter onto the people of Batley & Spen, my guess is that Batley would have woken up blue this morning.”

​However, even in victory, Labour managed to find a way for simmering discontent between the party’s extreme and moderate factions to burst into the public realm.​ ​New Labour supremo, Peter Mandelson accused Diane Abbott and other Corbynite apparatchiks of “conspiring” against the feeble Starmer. Mandelson’s comments followed whirlwind rumours Angela Rayner, who has been embraced by the Corbyn left, was preparing to usurp ​the Labour leader. ​

For her part, Abbott declared a “victory for the Labour movement” and urged Starmer not to abandon “the policies in 2017 and 2019 that were so popular”.

So popular they buried the party.

The by-election result and the failure of Boris Johnson’s Conservatives to grab the opportunity presented in Batley & Spen with both hands, is an important reminder that even though the silent majority won with Brexit in 2016 and 2019, our victories need to be defended with constant vigilance.

That’s why we didn’t fold our operations after the referendum like Vote Leave did, and that decision proved prudent when we were forced to mobilise again to spearhead a massive campaign to deselect anti-Brexit Tory MPs before the last election.

And that’s why we’ve now launched our side project The Foxhole, a news website that gives millions of patriotic Brits an alternative to the biased rubbish coming out of the establishment press.

If you want to help us continue running the campaign, spreading awareness of pressing stories to millions of people, and maintaining pressure on the Tories to keep on track and deliver on their promises, please do consider chipping in at leaveeuofficial.com/get-involved – or consider becoming a Foxhole member at foxhole.news/membership to get ad-free access to the site for less than a pound a week.

Batley is just one reminder that the left is still on the march. Some of their recent outbursts are so bizarre that they can only elicit laughter – like a recent meltdown some had over a brilliant new Union flag display at Heathrow airport – but their barmy politics can manifest in outright violence too.

Shocking footage and images have emerged from Canada since yesterday showing a lawless mob tearing down a statue of iconic British monarch Queen Victoria – while thugs elsewhere on the same protest pulled down a statue of our reigning monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Once again the police were nowhere to be found, as they often are when anarchists on the radical left decide to lash out and vandalise public property, including cherished symbols of our society and its heritage.

And here in the UK they’re trying to bring their weight to bear on public life too. While hapless Twitter lefties whinged impotently on social media about the Heathrow display, organised campaigners in Wales went further with their warped agenda and actually launched a petition to prevent the government from putting a huge Union flag on a government building.

You would think they would have more humility at this point, after yet another one of the loony left’s pro-EU myths was busted this week when auto giant Nissan announced plans to create thousands of new British jobs at a battery Gigafactory in Sunderland.

If only somebody had put together a handy and quite embarrassing list of all the times Remainers warned us that Nissan’s future in Britain would be imperilled by Brexit…