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Friday 9 April 2021

The stark contrast between Brexit Britain and the corrupt and failing European Union was underscored again this week, as the EU continues to greedily threaten export bans to hoard lifesaving coronavirus vaccines while the UK’s months-long and low key efforts to help out our global partners was revealed.

After repeated EU claims that their vile vaccine export bans were justified because the UK hadn’t shipped out any doses, it was revealed this week that Brexit Britain did in fact allow AstraZeneca to fulfil their contracts and ship 300,000 doses of their coronavirus jab to the land down under back in February – without hitting our own incredibly rapid vaccine roll-out and without self-serving fanfare.

More jabs arrived in March, while the EU was plotting moves to block a shipment of 250,000 jabs from Italy, bringing the total up to a whopping 700,000. Australia’s finance minister hit back at Eurocrats last month, saying the country was “disappointed and frustrated by this decision” and adding: “It is very much a reminder of the desperation that exists in other parts of the world”.

​While the UK’s open attitude to global vaccine supply was revealed, the EU continued to embarrass themselves in their botched Commission-led battle against the pandemic. As is often the case, Emmanuel Macron was at the front of the queue to humiliate himself, being forced into another national lockdown after ignoring medical advice earlier this year – just as the UK is preparing to throw off restrictions for good.

Close Macron ally and sitting European affairs minister Clément Beaune got in on the action too absurdly claiming that the AstraZeneca wonderdrug, developed in our nation by boffins at the world-leading University of Oxford, is “also European”.

With Macron’s roll-out continuing to lag so far behind Brexit Britain’s despite his insane boast that the country would catch up in mere weeks, is it any wonder that nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen continues to pose a major threat ahead of next year’s elections?

Her triumph over the EU lapdog has now been predicted by a major left-wing French politician, who was a predecessor of Macron’s in his old economy minister brief. He went on to warn that Macron “is hated because he’s arrogant” and compared Le Pen’s rise to the Brexit and Trump movements.

But while beleaguered Macron continues to struggle as his vaccine roll-out crawls along, the UK is on course to achieve herd immunity from the hated coronavirus this Monday according to forecasts from UCL boffins.

The key threshold, with 73.4 percent of Brits expected to enjoy protection against the disease thanks to a combination of mass jabbing and previous infection, means the UK is unlikely to be hit again by brutal new waves of infection and death.

The success of the vaccine roll-out is hard to overstate, with healthcare heroes delivering 37.9 million doses to 31.8 million Brits. And in the past week, we’ve added Moderna’s jab to the fight against the virus too.

Despite opting for a longer dosing interval than European countries, meaning second doses were delayed by more than two months compared to EU nations, the UK has now surged past the EU in that important measure too – while also enjoying broader coverage from widespread delivery of first doses.

Thank God for Brexit!

The fruits of Brexit are clearer than ever as the UK looks to reopen and return to normality long before the EU, thanks to our Europe-beating vaccine roll-out. We won the referendum thanks to the support of patriotic
Brits like you, and we’re keen to keep the spirit of Brexit alive.
After the 2016 referendum, we didn’t close shop. We’re glad we didn’t because the fight was far from over – and our continuing presence was key in keeping up the pressure and getting Brexit delivered.

In 2019 we led a huge effort to sign up new Conservative Party members and get Boris into Downing Street. We also led a widely publicised and highly successful deselection campaign targeting pro-EU Tories, paving the way for a purge of the party and the adoption of an unashamed pro-Brexit platform.

We want to continue speaking for the Silent Majority in Britain – highlighting attacks on our heritage, exposing the spiralling crime wave gripping our country, and campaigning for common sense positions shared by most Brits but ignored by our political elites.

And we can keep going with your support. For less than a pound a week you can subscribe to our news website The Foxhole at foxhole.news/membership, to enjoy the site without advertising. Or you can donate to our campaign directly at leaveeuofficial.com/get-involved. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

We’d like to dedicate the final few words of this newsletter to the Duke of Edinburgh, a truly great figure in our proud nation’s modern history. 

Asked on the occasion of Prince Philip’s withdrawal from royal duties in 2017, Nigel Farage remarked: “I think his contribution to the monarchy, to this country, to the Commonwealth has been phenomenal.

“Absolutely phenomenal! Remarkable! I admire him hugely, I really do.”

We could not put it any better. And while today as a nation we mourn a huge loss, we also have a great life to celebrate. The team at Leave.EU will certainly be raising a glass to the Duke’s memory this evening. We hope you’ll be joining us.