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Friday 6 August 2021

As the summer continues to chug along, so does the tally of unvetted illegal immigrants being ferried into our country by our own so-called Border Force.

When we wrote to you last week, official numbers for 2021 were already nearing the total number for 2020. Earlier this week, new tallies including fresh data from the end of July showed that the 2020 record for illegal arrivals by small boat had been smashed in less than seven months.

And it’s only getting worse, with numbers now exceeding 10,000 this year and Wednesday setting a chilling new one day record for arrivals as 482 illegal immigrants landed in Britain.

In the last two days alone, 957 migrants have arrived in the country​ from​ across the Channel – more than triple the number of total arrivals for all of 2018.

​​Leave.EU forecasts now predict that more than 23,000 migrants will arrive in the country by small boat this year if nothing is done by the government to stem the tide​, ​and with numbers rapidly accelerating in the early days of August, that figure could prove to be an underestimate.

​With reports this week that migrants are being bought hot takeaway pizza by Border Force agents fearing a “serious risk of unrest”, and that migrants are being allowed to flout quarantine rules and hit the shops amid woeful maladministration, what are law-abiding Brits meant to conclude about the resolve of the government to fix this mess?

Our so-called friends and partners in France certainly aren’t doing enough to help, despite being given two huge massive cash bungs​,​ courtesy of the British taxpayer.

Former Rear Admiral Dr Chris Parry has today slammed the French government’s lame excuses for not stepping in to turn boats around, saying: “If they think that a crime is being committed in their territorial seas they are perfectly at liberty to go and find out what is going on.”

​​Brexit icon Nigel Farage,​ a man​ always at the forefront on this pivotal issue, is doing his bit to expose the French too – revealing on his GB News show that a French warship spent “a fair amount of time” inside British territorial waters on Wednesday as a record number of illegals travelled across the Channel.

“It could be that Border Force were so completely overwhelmed this morning that every vessel they had was out,” speculated Farage, “and perhaps there was no one for the French navy to hand over to at the line so they escorted the boat into British waters. Isn’t that nice of them?”

​Meanwhile, look at the fruits of our generous asylum policies. This week we reported on the story of Iraqi-born asylum seeker Harem Hassan, who was caged for twelve months after leading County Durham cops on a late-night car chase in a stolen BMW while on cannabis.

Did you hear about that one on our “impartial” BBC?

And look at what’s happening across Europe. An Afghan migrant in Toulouse has been sentenced to three years behind bars after sexually harassing a 19-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy. “I didn’t do it on purpose” he claimed…

Three asylum seekers hailing from Iraq and Syria were also arrested in Germany over the alleged assault and gang rape of a teenage girl. They’re said to have arrived in the country after Angela Merkel opened the floodgates in 2015 – along with the Würzburg knife psycho we reported on last month.

With shocking new figures showing that half of gang rape suspects in Germany are foreign-born, will Angela Merkel apologise to the victims of their vile crimes?

Elsewhere in Germany, in Lower Bavaria, a Somali refugee has been arrested by authorities on suspicion of ​gruesomely ​stabbing and beheading a 52-year-old German national.

Why is the mainstream media refusing to cover this, when there is such a huge flood of illegal immigrants coming across the Channel into our country? Who are these people, what are their backgrounds, and do they pose a risk to the public? Amid far-left emotional blackmail about their supposed plight, these questions go unasked.

​We’ll never turn a blind eye to what is going on. Complete chaos has overtaken the Channel, our so-called news media is refusing to give it the due attention it deserves, and the government has completely failed to get a grip on the issue.

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