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Friday 21 June 2019

Last year, Leave.EU launched the Blue Wave, a grassroots campaign to encourage real conservatives to join the Tory party and elect a fit and proper leader once Theresa May finally stepped down.

Ten months later, that moment has arrived. On Thursday, Tory MPs whittled the field of leadership contenders down to the final two to face the party membership. Only one of them is a Brexiteer.

It is incumbent upon all who joined the Blue Wave to back Boris Johnson and blast the dead wood out of Downing Street. His direct opponent in the leadership run-off and successor as Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, should be one of the first to go.

However, a Telegraph scoop on Monday about Boris’s plans for government named Hunt as one of several hangers-on from the dark Theresa May Days.

Even more concerning, at Tuesday’s leaders’ debate, Johnson followed his colleagues in wavering over the October 31st withdrawal date. Leaving by then would merely be “eminently feasible”. Not good enough.

Johnson was always a dead cert for the final run-off and has a huge following among Tory activists. The real battle is in ensuring he sticks to the patriotic principles guiding him to Number 10.

Last week’s newsletter was a rallying cry for pressure on the Conservative Party hierarchy to honour its manifesto pledge. If we bring that pressure to bear, Boris has the potential to steer the ship onto the correct course.

He is making the right noises about an “interim agreement” under Article XXIV of the WTO’s goods agreement to retain tariff-free access in the event of No Deal.

Meanwhile, EU leaders are visibly sickened by the prospect of encountering a British leader who rightly talks up the bright prospects of his great nation and is not afraid of being unpopular. Boris could be the Churchill to May’s Chamberlain.

Nevertheless, Leave.EU will continue to mount pressure on Tory HQ and other fake-Conservatives loitering around Westminster. Last week’s appeal for deselectors brought in enough signatures for a no confidence motion against Remain fanatic Sam Gyimah (see below). If you’ve got a pro-EU Tory MP you want booted out, we encourage you to get involved.

But there are incentives as well as deterrents. Nigel Farage still doesn’t trust the Tories but, if Boris shows backbone and honours his pledge to the people, a strategic alliance with the Brexit Party delivering a “thumping, massive majority” is on the table.

Boris would also be advised to listen to the Brexit Party leader because Nigel knows Brussels. Going WTO, not only as a positive end in itself but also as a devastatingly effective negotiating weapon, has received scant attention over the course of the Tory leadership election, even though it sat at the core of the Brexit Party’s romp to victory at the European elections.

Westmonster co-founder and MEP-elect Michael Heaver nailed it over Twitterduring the dire leaders’ debate:

“Do you believe any of those candidates will deliver a WTO Brexit on 31st October? If you don’t, nor will Brussels.”

The media isn’t doing its job by asking these questions. Instead, it’s cranking up the propaganda machine, albeit amateurishly.

Not one but two tainted guests were invited by the BBC onto the Tuesday night leadership debate to ask questions, and one of them is a former Labour staffer. “Not only biased but incompetent,” commented Jacob Rees-Mogg.

And it wouldn’t be one of those weeks without the Governor of the Bank of England bashing Brexit. Speaking on the BBC (where else?) Mark Carney suggested Article XXIV was not viable when it most certainly is – click here to find out why.

On Thursday, the public broadcaster’s top story was Dutch PM Mark Rutte’s declaration he “hates Brexit from every angle”. You don’t say. Could it be that it threatens the Netherlands’ £16.4bn surplus with the UK?



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Rutte was speaking from the European Council summit in Brussels, where he assured no-one is talking about Brexit. Sounds familiar – the EU is always overburdened with problems. Not so though. Leo Varadkar came out to sayonly a general election would justify another extension to Article 50. Meanwhile, Germany’s EU minister Michael Roth said there would be no renegotiation.

The stage is therefore set for the new prime minister to plan for No Deal and give Brussels hell.

Don’t let us down Boris.