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Friday 20 August 2021

​It took seven whole months for Joe Biden to get found out, but when it finally happened, boy was it one hell of a disaster. The parallels with Saigon and the fall of the Shah are devastating and will kill his presidency. With any luck, the prospects of Kamala Harris becoming Commander in Chief have evaporated too.

In April, the Vice President boasted of her role in withdrawing troops out of Afghanistan. Like Biden’s pronouncements in July that the Afghan army would hold out against the Taliban, her comments have not aged well. She has since gone off the grid.

It’s been a torrid week for Biden, he’s handled it abysmally. First making a pathetic attempt to convince the public he was putting Americans first before blaming Donald Trump for the withdrawal timetable he inherited, which he had plenty of freedom to alter, and then the intelligence community, who it turns out gave the doddering President plenty of warning the Afghan army would likely fall.

That wasn’t the only fib. Andrew Neil skewered the weak Democrat leader for playing down the Taliban’s complete control of the country. “The Taliban are holding Joe Biden hostage,” he scorned. Neil also dug up damning assertions of Biden’s that he favoured the doomed nation-building strategy so critical in eroding trust in the US establishment back home.

That was not all. Diaries of a former US emissary to Afghanistan revealed Biden once said “F**k that”, we don’t have to worry about” the fate of Afghan girls in the event of a Taliban resurgence.

And letters from Osama Bin Laden to his men resurfaced in which the al-Qaeda leader advised against targeting the then Vice President because he was “totally unprepared” for the presidency and would therefore be an asset to global jihad in the event of a likely “crisis” were he ever to reach the White House.

At the head of the queue to bash Biden for his catastrophic troop withdrawal was Donald Trump. “I’m America first,” the former President told Fox News. “The Americans come out first. But we’re also going to help people that helped us, and we have to be very careful with the vetting because we have some rough people in there.

“What we were going to do is take the military out last, ok, last!”

Biden’s decision to do the opposite royally mucked up the conclusion of two decades of western involvement in Afghanistan – the graveyard of empires.

Not only are we faced with the Taliban capturing half a trillion dollars of weapons that could be used against us, but an epic humanitarian disaster as well. Westminster liberals have spent all week virtue signalling over the evacuation and resettlement of Afghans in the UK. The government’s initial promise of 5,000 quickly inflated to 25,000, all numbers arbitrary

A tiny minority of MPs warned against over-promising. Veteran MP and former army officer, Sir Desmond Swayne paid tribute to the “fantastic contributions and speeches” delivered in the Commons, “I am however unnerved by the demands that we open our borders,” he warned, adding, “one member even demanded that anyone who wants to come must be enabled. We have to have a sense of proportion here.”

​Needless to say, the media ecstatically covered the campaign to relocate Afghanistan’s population to the United Kingdom before getting into an awful tizz over Dominic Raab’s holiday plans. The skewed reporting once again underlined Leave.EU’s importance and that of our news outlet, The Foxhole, to dig out the stories people want to read and re-balance lazy liberal reporting.

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​Scenes of the ruthless Taliban storming Kabul on Sunday exposed the derangement of the hard left. In no time, the Stop the War campaign issued a statement calling for the Muslim extremists to receive reparations from the West following twenty years of occupation. Hardcore Corbynite MP, Richard Burgon made the same deluded appeal

Meanwhile, the media and even members of the British military establishment seemed to buy into the Taliban’s PR charade used to position themselves as reformed moderates, helped no doubt by ridiculous scenes of the group’s killers raiding a Kabul amusement park and riding on the bumper cars like a bunch of little boys dressed in rags and silly beards, except these little boys had assault weapons between their legs. You have to see it to believe it.

General Nick Carter, chief of the defence staff sounded like a Guardian journalist when he said the Taliban need to be given “space”, branding them “country boys”.

“It may well be a Taliban that is more reasonable… if you look at the way it is governing Kabul at the moment, there are some indications that it is more reasonable.” Absolute madness. There are already plenty accounts of people and their families who assisted Nato being hunted down by the Taliban.

Not to be beaten in the sensitivity stakes were Meghan and Harry. The deranged royal couple released not one but two Afghanistan statements this week. This first was issued by Harry, overflowing with woke mumbo jumbo and not the slightest criticism levelled at Biden. Pretty galling given that the fallen prince served two tours in Afghanistan, if not surprising – he and Biden are big pals.

In their joint statement, Meghan and Harry told the world the Taliban takeover had made them “speechless”. The tone-deaf intervention, which called for admirers to support a selection of charities – the Sussexes didn’t indicate how they themselves were helping – proved to be a much-need source of comic relief however.

Nigel Farage delighted in mocking the statement. His GB News colleague, Mercy Muroki was more scathing, complaining to viewers that she finds the couple “literally inescapable”.

“Meghan and Harry say they want some privacy and space but I’m starting to feel like it’s us who need some privacy and space from them!”

And on that note, we wish you a very pleasant, Harry and Meghan-free weekend. 

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