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Friday 11 June 2021

Brexit is once again on the agenda this week as left-wing US President Joe Biden came to Cornwall for the G7 summit, sticking his oar into our affairs as his pro-Irish administration dealt a diplomatic rebuke to the UK over disputes about the hated Northern Irish Protocol.

Details of a tense meeting on June 3 emerged as Biden arrived in Britain, with America’s top diplomat in the UK, Yael Lempert, allegedly accusing top Brexit man Lord David Frost of “inflaming” tensions by trying to resolve the mess created by Brussels​’​ bully boy tactics.

The news has led to stinging criticisms of the controversial US President from prominent Brexiteers, with one Tory MP claiming that Biden is “so senile that he probably won’t remember what we tell him anyway.”

Biden’s cognitive capacities have been a subject of spirited public debate in the States, with a former White House doctor under both Obama and Trump warning that a recent public appearance “should concern every American who wants to know that their president is fit for duty and in control.”

All that being said, isn’t it odd that Biden – who supposedly cares so much about the Good Friday Agreement – was virtually silent earlier this year when the globalist European Union briefly erected a customs border on the island of Ireland to hoard its own paltry vaccine supplies? Pure cowardice…

Biden wasn’t the only foreign leader to take a bitter swipe at Brexit Britain this week though, with Emmanuel Macron once again attacking Britain in a desperate bid to distract French voters from his woeful domestic record ahead of next year’s elections.

He’s now vowed to block any attempts to reopen talks on the Brexit deal and the Northern Ireland Protocol, saying that “it’s not serious to want to review in July what we finalised after years of debate and work in December.”

To be fair to Macron, we can fully understand why he’s in such a foul mood heading into this weekend. After getting the taste slapped out of his mouth on Tuesday as he was heckled by members of the French public, his fragile ego is no doubt very much wounded.

Hopefully it will be wounded even more deeply next year when he gets booted out of office by a fed up French electorate. With firebrand nationalist Marine Le Pen getting ever more confident as opinion polls continue to show a tight race, Macron could well be in for a serious thrashing at the polls.

With Biden trying to get involved and Macron now vowing to block any further talks, isn’t it time for the government to wake up, smell the roses, and take unilateral action to protect the integrity of the United Kingdom?

We already know Britain is on the verge of a so-called “sausage war” with the European Union over British plans to continue shipping chilled meats into Northern Ireland, but what we need now is a full-scale rebuke of the hated Protocol and decisive action from the government to bin it off.

That’s why we’ve been pleased in recent weeks to support a crowdfunding campaign from legendary DUP MP Ian Paisley, raising funds for a key legal action that aims to force the UK government to admit in a court of law that the Protocol is discriminatory against British citizens and businesses in Northern Ireland.

Any help you can provide to get the case heard is greatly appreciated, as we continue to fight back against this wretched EU plot to carve up the United Kingdom as sick revenge for our decision to quit their corrupt political project.

And as always, you can also support the Leave.EU campaign too and help put us on a sustainable footing going forward – you can do this directly at leaveeuofficial.com/get-involved or by becoming a Foxhole member at foxhole.news/membership. We’re a small team looking to just cover our costs and keep the campaign running, and any help you can give will go a long way.