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Saturday 28 September 2019

Labour are Brexit’s greatest enemy. The party is already backing a second referendum and will inevitably go all in for Remain. At this week’s conference in Brighton delegates decided to “maintain and extend free movement”, migrants will also be given the vote.

The new migration policy encapsulates Jeremy Corbyn’s labour, stupid, duplicitous and dangerous. They are undemocratic too. The party would have fully backed Remain at a policy debate had it not been for a Corbyn crony rigging the vote at the last minute.

“They want to open up the doors to uncontrolled mass-immigration, and I think now, we as the Brexit Party know that we are at war with the Labour Party,” said Nigel Farage emphatically at a rally this week. It’s a must-watch, view it here.

Such a chaotic outfit shouldn’t pose a threat, particularly to a thrusting prime minister like Boris Johnson, but they have a hung parliament to run riot over, and powerful allies embedded in all corners of the establishment. The Supreme Court, which cancelled Boris’s suspension of Parliament on Tuesday, is just one example.

Straight after the judgment, Labour MPs demanded Boris’s head. He instead called for a general election, taunting the Labour front bench. “Is he going to dodge a vote of no confidence in me as prime minister?” probed Boris while pointing a finger directly at the sap opposite him. This is a dead Parliament, it’s time for a clear-out

Corbyn knows his party will be decimated at a general election and selfishly rejected the invitation. A YouGov poll from midweek found the Tories three points up on 33%, 11 points ahead of Labour.

The opposition leader is too spineless to tackle the gross disconnect between his voters who want British independence and the feckless membership yearning for EU enslavement. Almost two-thirds of the Party’s seats voted Leave at the EU referendum. Of the 21 seats that voted for independence by 70% or more in 2016, 10 are Labour. 16 out of Labour’s 20 most vulnerable seats are pro-Leave.

Until Labour get punished at the next election, they can do extraordinary damage by forming a government with the Lib Dems, the SNP and deselected Remainer Tories to block Brexit. This week, the Scottish Nationalists let it be known that they would help form a government led by Jeremy Corbyn.


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Once the party of the working man, Labour are in thrall to the same backward liberalism plaguing nearly all our great institutions. When Parliament was forced open on Wednesday Labour MPs set into motion their anti-Boris campaign, hoping to score points by showing up the PM’s dismissive attitude to all that liberal claptrap. 

Labour MP, Paula Sherriff distastefully shoehorned in the memory of the late Jo Cox in an attack on the prime minister for accurately using the term “Surrender Act”. According to Sherriff, he is guilty of slandering Parliament and ruining its reputation. No, that’s purely Parliament’s doing.

“Humbug” was Boris’s reply, naturally he got slaughtered by the media, helped along by noisy criticism by Jess Phillips, delivered in the Commons chamber. She undoubtedly coordinated with Sherriff. Voters, however, will have been deeply unimpressed. 

It’s also damn rich of this thuggish vintage of Labour MPs (check out this video for just some examples) to accuseBoris of nasty behaviour. “I was brought up to hate Tories”, Jess Phillips has proudly said of herself.

Unsurprisingly, Labour were pleased as punch with the disastrous Supreme Court ruling, which has knocked the constitution off its axis by several degrees, giving more power to Parliament. 

“Any prorogation over the past 50-100 years would have survived today’s judgment,” blasted Cox at an emergency cabinet meeting. Jacob Rees-Mogg decried it as a “constitutional coup”.  

Labour’s Keir Starmer said he was delighted that the verdict was agreed between all 11 justices. It is felt they wanted a unanimous decision in order to communicate a cast-iron message to the government that was overtly political. Judges are entitled to “interpret” law “imaginatively” to change it, once said the court’s previous president, Lord Neuberger.

Reading out the judgment, the incumbent, Lady Hale said the court had ruled against the government on the grounds that we are in “quite exceptional circumstances” with a bearing on our constitution. “Parliament…has a right to a voice in how that change comes about,” she said.  

But Parliament made its voice heard in 2017 when the Notification of Withdrawal Act was passed by a whopping majority, 492 to 122 votes. It was known to all MPs that the default outcome of triggering Article 50 would be to leave without a deal. Parliament has had its say, it’s for the government to set the course.

It’s also absurd to think that the Supreme Court is asserting Parliamentary sovereignty when EU membership totally undermines it. Where were the courts in 1973

We could be saying the same of our democracy in no time at all. Corbyn may soon be replaced, but Labour are a hydra, another snarling head will replace the old one and deceive the electorate with false promises of a socialist paradise while doing everything to reverse Brexit.

The situation will only get worse, we are in the fight of our lives.