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Friday 3 September 2021

In an increasingly rare victory for common sense, Metropolitan Police officers this week took a break from cracking down on social media thought crime to restore some order to the streets of our increasingly lawless capital.

Amid deranged far-left attempts to bring London to a standstill with a host of warped Extinction Rebellion stunts – a now common occurrence in many of Britain’s towns and cities – cops magnificently sprang into action to keep the city moving.

Preventing a roadblock outside the Science Museum on Sunday and foiling a plot to close off London Bridge on Tuesday, activists on the far left have whined endlessly about the police’s supposedly “disproportionate response” – as if our police are meant to j​​ust stand by while unhinged activists illegally block traffic and make the lives of ordinary people a complete nightmare.

On Sunday, the radical left-wing environmental group tried installing a large and primitive wooden structure on the middle of a London road as activist loons tried chaining and glueing themselves to the ground. But in must-watch footage, London police rushed in without blinking an eye to break up the pathetic attempt.

Extinction Rebellion’s UK Twitter account complained about the police’s heavy-handed response, but we’re sure thousands of London commuters will be happy that they stepped in to stop a pack of unwashed hippies from making a nuisance of themselves…

​Things got even more heated in the week when Metropolitan Police officers climbed into an Extinction Rebellion bus at London Bridge to drag out stubborn activists and get traffic moving. Protecting their fellow officers, they formed a ring of steel around the vehicle and deployed force as necessary.

Isn’t it refreshing to see some proper no-nonsense policing on Britain’s streets again? These raving leftists have been disrupting our way of life for too long – blocking ambulances from getting to hospitals, stopping hard-working people from going about their business, turning our city centres into open sewers with their vile and unsanitary encampments.

“Whatever the cause, activists do not have the right to cause unreasonable and serious disruption to London’s communities,” said Matt Twist of the Metropolitan Police. Quite right!

And let’s not forget earlier this year, when the government’s common sense policing and courts bill – which would slap harsher sentences on paedophiles and killers – sparked widespread left-wing protests. Inspired by BLM and their hatred of serving police officers, left-wing thugs in Bristol started a shocking riot that saw a police van torched while officers were still inside.

Perhaps the Metropolitan Police boss in charge of the operation this week should take the reins from useless Cressida Dick and bring proper order back to London – instead of focusing on woke nonsense like a new initiative to outfit London police in gender neutral uniforms…

Or maybe we could use this kind of thinking in the English Channel, since the government seems to be doing nothing! With more than 12,000 illegal migrants flooding across the Channel so far this year, it’s clearly time for a tough new approach…

After all, illegal immigration is likely to impact policing. Just this week a top expert on law and order in France, Pierre-Marie Sève of the Institute of Justice, highlighted disturbing government figures pointing to a serious over-representation of asylum seekers from certain countries in national crime statistics.

The implications are chilling. Britain is already in the grip of a brutal crime wave, with knifings becoming a nearly daily occurrence in our capital city, and now we risk yet another wave of crime from people who are coming here illegally without serious background checks.

And those who know they have no right to remain in the country, but whose entry has been facilitated by our feeble so-called Border Force, are particularly dangerous if they fear impending deportation.

One major police group in France has warned that “our colleagues have increasingly been the target of hostile behaviour and aggression by foreigners in an irregular situation ready to do anything to avoid their deportation or placement in an administrative detention center”.

The comment was sparked by a truly horrific incident in Perpignan, the details of which are too grim and graphic to share in this newsletter. But we covered it on our news website the Foxhole, here.

​While mainstream media outlets continue to bury their heads in the sand and ignore what’s happening, we’ll continue exposing the truth and highlighting the stories that people deserve to know about.

The illegal immigration crisis is spiralling out of control. Violent crime is on the rise in our major cities. And all too often, our Conservative government seems to be asleep at the wheel.

We’re getting the message out to more than a million followers on social media, and an even larger audience of people who see our content shared by friends and family. And behind the scenes, we’re working on new campaigns to exert pressure on the government. We helped bring down Theresa May with a hugely successful grassroots deselection campaign, and we’re getting ready to move again…

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